I have come to that threshold that every dieter must cross, I fear:
LIFE. It’s just getting in the WAY of things!

First, my hip started to hurt after pushing myself in a race a few weeks ago. After still trying to run on it for a week or two, popping ibuprofen like crazy, and beginning to walk like a pirate with a slight limp, I decided that perhaps it was time to give running a break. (I mean, pirates are cool and all in the movies, but walking like one? Not so much.) No big deal, I thought. I enjoy biking, so I figured I would just cross-train with that in place of hitting the pavement every day.

I was excited to change up my exercise routine…until my bike decided to double-cross me! Day 1 of Operation Bike, I whipped out my air pump to fill my semi-flat tire, and this awful creaking-crunchy noise of rubber separating from metal ensued. My tire was done for. Flat. Kaput. I guess, after ten years of good use, I should have expected that it might wear out. So what did I do instead of biking? In frustration, I threw my bike back into storage, stomped out the door, and went running. I had to stop two miles later: my hip was hurting even more.

Well, I decided I must do what I just hate doing the most in the summer: I would forego exercising outdoors, and hit the gym instead. The next morning, I went to the gym that I usually don’t go to until the snowflakes start falling. I walked up to the doors at 6am, yanked heavily on the metal handle—and nothing happened. The doors were locked! The gym was closed! Not only did I look like a pirate as I half-stomped, half-limped back to my car, but I sounded like one, too, as I grumbled to myself. (Yes, I actually muttered out loud to myself—good thing nobody was around to hear me, because I probably sounded like a crazy person!)

No bike, I can’t run—now what? Since I was up anyway, I decided to bust out an old workout DVD that I used to like doing. I got home and scanned my DVD collection, only to find that my DVD was missing.

Okay world, who sent you out to get me?

Normally, I don’t like to complain. And I don’t like to make excuses. It’s the easiest thing in the world to find reasons why you CAN’T do something. But after all of those things happened and got in my way, I just couldn’t find the motivation to work out (or even figure out how to, with my go-to options canned). It was not a good way to start my week off. I managed to work out at the gym two afternoons this week, but then staying late at work got in the way one night, as did get-togethers with co-workers after work, celebrating with my roommate when she got a job offer, meeting up with some friends for some birthday drinks, and going out to dinner with my boyfriend… Every night, it seemed there was something going on that was getting in the way of staying on track.

I began to wonder: How do others deal with a hectic lifestyle, but still eat healthy and exercise? And I am not even talking about being on a diet, but just generally staying fit and eating right as a way of life, as we all should be doing. I know people who are married, people with children, people who are involved in groups around the community, people with a much more demanding workload, people with older bones, and people who have a tighter budget who can’t afford the healthier (but often more expensive) foods. How do they all do it? Somehow, they make life work.

It puts things into perspective for me. Sure, we all have days where life just gets in the way. We’re human. All those people I aspire to be like, they have off days too. But they also have days where they still just make it work. I think I can do that, too, if they can.

How do you make it work when life gets in the way? When the kids are eating pizza, how do you stick to your salad for dinner? When you want to go for a workout but the gym is closed, what do you do?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice…I think we ALL could use it for those off days!

Next up: I am taking part in a six mile Mud Run this weekend to raise money for multiple sclerosis. I know running to help others will get me motivated and back on track—I’m already looking forward to it! I can’t wait to show some pictures of me, muddy head to toe, and let you know how it goes.

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 154.5 pounds
This week: 155 pounds (A slight gain—but I’ll get it back off next week!)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Yo ho ho mates,

  1. Yo ho ho Amanda!
    Relax,… Breathe,…Yes, I know it’s frustrating, but when your body is aching, it’s telling you to take it easy, “don’t push”, listen to your body! Pushing it can only cause damage & injury to your body, (sore ankles,knees, hips, muscle strain, etc.) which in turn can set you back weeks & some times months. It’s alright to take it easy, and when you feel up to it, then continue on. A persons life can be very hectic, but go with the flow, (don’t let it frustrate you!) if you can plan your day and know that you will be busy in the afternoon, then try to do something in the morning. Even if you walk instead of running, that’s OK, at least you did something, then watch what you eat, to off set the exercise or the lack of. When it comes to diet, exercise & fitness, oh yes the world is indeed out to throw you all sorts of blocks, curves,& obstacles but don’t let it get you down. Just think of something you can do, & do it, whether it’s TV Fitness aerobics, jumping rope, or just some small weight toning, it can make a difference.
    As far as what you said about the salad/ pizza thing, remember controlled cheating?!? You can take one piece of pizza, cut it into strips, and eat it with your salad & get the satisfaction, without throwing your calorie intake totally out of whack! “Controlled portions” You can do it, from what I’m reading, you now have that drive, “Good for you!!!” Keep up the hard work, and the positive attitude! Best of Luck Amanda!

  2. sweetreislingplease says:

    Unfortunately I have no advise for you. Just wanted to say I’m enjoying reading about your trials and tribulations. One week you’ll have huge news to share – maybe weight loss, maybe something else – that will negate all the negative. Keep looking forward! You’re doing fabulous!

  3. I hate using the gym during the summer too! I totally can relate to “life getting in the way of working out”! For me, what I have found works best is working out in the morning before work. I know it’s difficult to wake up early and be motivated, but once you get into the routine of doing it, it becomes natural. Plus, it really gives me energy to take on my day and when I get home at night and just want to sit around, I can!

    As far as maintaining healthy eating habits, “dieting” doesn’t really work out for me (pizza is my favorite food)!When I cut myself off of everything I enjoy I end up just binge eating later. What I try to do is eat as healthy as possible during the week (lots of salads, fruit and vegetables and lean meats). But, when it comes to the weekend, I eat what I want. That’s not to say I eat 3 HUGE meals Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, but if we’re going out for dinner on Saturday I will order whatever I want. And heck, maybe I’ll go out for breakfast on Sunday too. It’s just maintaining a balance!

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