When it comes to eating healthy, working out and getting enough sleep, I am very “routine”: I always eat a good breakfast; I usually work out every day right when I get home from work; and I make sure I’m in bed by about 10 p.m. every night. That way I start out the day on a good healthy-eating kick, I get in my exercise and de-stress in the middle of the day, and I make sure I get enough sleep to keep myself happy and energized to go again the next day.

But, when that routine is disrupted, maintaining a balanced lifestyle throws me totally off-kilter. And over the last month, I felt like I was balancing on one foot.

July started off with the wonderful, fun task of moving out of my apartment. Don’t get me wrong—I was excited to move into a new place with my boyfriend, with more space, a backyard, and a basement (which I refuse to call the “man cave”). But, the actual moving part was what I wasn’t so thrilled about.

For one week, my life consisted of working by day, packing by night, cleaning even later at night, and then [finally] sleeping. It seemed like the more boxes I filled and taped shut and labeled, the more my stuff just kept multiplying (especially my closet). But finally, I was all packed, my old apartment was cleaned, and I was ready to go.

Next came two nights of actually moving everything. I have to mention that I lived on the second floor, with no elevator. I can’t tell you how many flights of stairs I went up and down, up and down; and, with all that lifting and carrying, I don’t think my arms have had that good a workout in a long time.

We thought that once we got everything moved in, the unpacking would be no problem. Oh no—for as long as it took to get all that stuff packed up, it seems to take even longer to unpack and reorganize, because three weeks later, I’m ashamed to admit we still have a couple boxes waiting to be unpacked in the garage.

On top of the whole moving ordeal, add in 10 straight days of stressful work, usually from sun-up to sun-down, which meant I definitely wasn’t sleeping enough, or sleeping well; and then, a 5-day trip to visit the boyfriend’s family thrown into the mix.

I think I would estimate that over the month of July, I worked out a total of five times, slept 6 hours or less most nights, and definitely had more than my fair share of chocolate ice cream, pizza and wine.

My routine has taken a hit, and I can definitely feel it in my body—I just don’t feel as good as I normally do.

Such is life, and thankfully, things have slowed down since last week. I was able to work out a couple times last week, I have been cooking healthy meals almost every night, and I’ve been happily going to bed early every night.

But truthfully, there’s always something, isn’t there? We admittedly get in over our heads sometimes and just can’t keep up, but it’s how you respond to those times and get back on track afterward that makes the difference.

I finally feel my other foot coming back on the ground, and my happy life balance is slowly coming back.


  1. sweetreislingplease says:

    As John Lennon said …. “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. Exercise & eating right are what you planned but packing, moving, unpacking, meeting the bf’s family, ice cream, wine & pizza – that’s life. You’ll get back to your routine.

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