Highlights from my vacation week.Last week, I was on vacation in Florida. When I got back to work on Tuesday, I felt like I needed a vacation after my vacation just to recuperate. You see, we had great reason to celebrate…every day.

My thought process went something like this:

Day 1: Hoorah! We’re on vacation! At the beach! It’s warm and sunny! Now, let’s go to the beach-side bar.

Day 2: YAY! It’s only the second day of vacation! Let’s go to the beach! Boogie boarding! Dang, salt water up the nose hurts. Well, time for some fruity beach drinks!

And so on. You see the trend…

Ultimately, the vacation ended with my older sister and her fiancé’s wedding—the reason our families were all gathered in the first place. It could not have been more perfect and I don’t think anyone could have been happier. I do believe it was the best vacation I have ever been on!

If only I could have been a stow-away in the newlyweds’ luggage and continued on to St. Martin for the honeymoon with them. I just don’t think they would have enjoyed me as a third wheel. Might have been a little bit awkward, really…

So, here I am, back in Wisconsin and 45 degree temperatures instead.

However, I have bigger and better things (okay, not really, but still exciting) to be looking forward to: This weekend is the half marathon, the one that I have been training for over the past six months—it’s my first one EVER.

While in Florida, I still tried to squeeze in some training runs so I’d be ready for the half marathon. With such perfect weather and warm temperatures, I was itching to get outside in shorts and a tank and run around in the sun. Trotting past palm trees, extravagant beach houses, and along the beach definitely kept me entertained and raring to go. Before vacation, my longest run was 11 miles long (wow!) and during vacation I did a couple 3- to 4-mile jogs to keep my legs loose.

So, all in all, I think I’m ready.

But, I am nervous. And sore. And excited. Kind of wondering why I thought it a good idea to party my entire vacation…and hoping the stinky forecast for Saturday changes (50 degrees and rainy—boo). Yet, I’m still excited. I can’t wait to recap the race for you next week to let you know how it goes. Stay tuned!

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 147.5 pounds
This week: 149 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Wish me luck!

  1. You’re going to do GREAT in the half, and you’re going to encourage me to do one soon now that the wedding planning is over. Thanks for making me take a jog during the wedding week:)
    And as for fitness on the honeymoon – today we went on a hike up a mountain (sweat fest) and did a 90 minute extreme zipline course (terrified sweat fest).
    Can’t wait to hear about the half marathon when we return!

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