Last week, I was having such a hard time staying motivated. I hate to admit it, but even the night that I posted about having motivation issues, I still went home and found excuses not to work out—I still had work to do, and when I finished, it was almost dark (almost), and I was hungry. By Friday, I knew I had to kick my butt into gear. I had just written about what motivates me…it was time to put those factors into action.

I got home Friday after work and downloaded some new songs onto my iPod. Then I tore the tags off of my new Jockey® outfit and suited up, laced my shoes, and out the door I went.

There’s something about new clothes that literally puts a spring in my step (or maybe it was my comfy new socks!). I was excited to try our new Jockey® crop pant, but I was a little hesitant to put on our new seamless tank. Usually, running tanks aren’t my thing—whenever I get one, whatever the brand, they fit snugly and I feel like you can see every little bump and roll, even where my belly button is. But, it was pretty hot outside, despite the unrelenting lakeshore winds, so I wanted to stay cool and not come up with some other lame excuse like, “it’s too hot to run.”

In my new Jockey biking gear!

What I loved about the outfit was that it was the perfect combo—the pant waistband crosses over in the front, so the sides come up a tiny bit higher, and the middle makes a V below your belly button. So when I pulled that seamless tank on, I actually thought I kinda looked seamless—those pants camouflaged the side chub & belly flab that I am usually so self-conscious of. They’re my new favorite! (I have some other new faves I gave a try over the weekend, too—check them out here & take a peek at my biking pictures in my new gear. –>)

But more importantly than those clothes & the fact that I looked pretty good in them, if I do say so myself… I ran. It was hot, I got sweaty, and thirsty, and I probably smelled a little. BUT, I ran. I broke out of my rut. Finally!

So, my new clothes got me out the door…but it obviously takes more than just new clothes to keep me—or anyone—going. After I finished my run, I thought about how good it felt, sitting there all sweaty with my legs slightly cramped up as I drove home from my favorite lakeside path. Why does being sweaty & sore feel good? I think…for me, it was that feeling of falling off the wagon for a small amount of time, but having the strength and the drive and the faith in myself to get back up and try it again. Maybe that’s cliché, but whether you’re three or twenty-three, having the will to get your bum up outta the dirt (or off the couch) still feels great. And that’s what it’s all about.

That, and I lost TEN POUNDS since I have started all of this! I am pretty proud to hit that milestone. It makes me smile, and it makes me more motivated than ever.

That positivity is just what I need going into this weekend. My big race—a 200 mile running relay with ten other teammates—will commence in just a few days, and I will be running almost 13 miles in total, in a 24-hour period. That may not be much compared to some of my teammates (20+ miles, those crazies) but for me, it will be an accomplishment! Wish me luck… When I return next week, I’m sure I’ll have some good stories to share!

Fat stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 158.5 pounds
This week: 156 pounds (-10 pounds!!!)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Peace out pounds,


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