I’ve been MIA. I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up.


I have been busy the last several weeks doing lots of fun things: older sister’s bachelorette party, going to the city with friends, shopping, and being reunited with a bunch of sorority sisters. I also re-injured my ankle slightly. (Wah.) Then went on a mini vacation. Now I’m less injured. And as always, it seems, I’m swamped with work.

Don’t fret, though: I got my workouts in through it all.

I’m happy to notice that no matter how hectic my life becomes, no matter where I am, no matter how darn tired I am, I still managed to get my workouts in. Why? Because, at the end of a run, or biking session, or even an easy elliptical stint, I feel re-energized, happy and like I am actually doing something with my life.

I used to come home from work and flop onto the couch, pick up the remote, and lose myself in silly, pointless, mind-numbing TV shows all night. Then I’d wonder why I couldn’t fall asleep at 10, 11, 12 at night. Duh. It was because I had been laying around ALL night, boring my body to death.

Sound familiar to you?

Now, even on my “rest” days when I don’t have to work out, I still find myself coming home and thinking, What can I do instead of being a TV-zombie-couch-blob?

Sometimes this means I clean, run the errands I’ve been putting off, make a big complicated dinner, or go shopping. Other days, I might watch a good movie and then crack open a good book, or meet some friends out for dinner and catch up.

I feel like I have really taken control of my life. Every day I feel proud and happy of what I’ve done, and I can’t wait for what I might do the next day. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of coming home and shutting down, but life should not be like that. Life is meant to be lived. And I’m happy that I’m really starting to live mine to the fullest.

Tell me: What do you do (or not do) to feel like you’re really LIVING?

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 149 pounds
This week: 147.5 pounds (almost there!)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Make the most of your day!


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