I am losing it.

Not weight. This week, I didn’t even lose half a pound.

What I have lost…is my motivation. I knew this time would come. For the first few weeks, everything seemed so easy for me. I didn’t anticipate an end to my motivation as I traversed the aisles of the grocery store and avoided the sweets that I love, or as I diligently chugged along on my runs around the block every day after work (even when I was so tired that I just wanted to curl up on the couch with a good book and then take a nap). Things were going quite smoothly.

Then, out of nowhere, it began creeping up on me. It started with small cravings that I didn’t realize were still there—in the form of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (and beer, and ice cream, and lying on the couch like a bum). At first, it’s easy to recognize these cravings and scoff at them, push them to the side and walk on by with your head up high. But sooner or later, they can pull ya down.

So, what I need to do is pull myself back UP and get my number DOWN again. It’s time to remind myself of what keeps me motivated.

Behold, my top five MF’s (that’s “motivational factors,” people):

1. New music! – Nothing gets me going & keeps me going longer during a workout than some good tunes. (iTunes and I have a love-hate relationship—I love the music, but hate how easily those $1.29 songs add up so dang quickly!) When I know I have a long run coming up, or I just can’t seem to get my butt out the door one day, I like to take a few minutes and get some new music on my iPod so I have incentive to get out the door running to my new songs.
2. New workout clothes – I’m a girl, I love to shop. So if I have a cute new tank & matching moisture-wicking running shorts to sport, of course I want to get out and wear them. [Side note: These pants are my latest Jockey® fave – stretchy for running around, comfy, and I love the blue & turquoise colors!]
3. New workouts – You know by now how much I like to run. But sometimes it gets old and I just don’t want to. That’s when I go whiz around on my bike, or roll out the yoga mat and do some Pilates. Changing up my workout routine gives me a chance to rest my mind and body, while working out other muscles that might not normally feel the burn.
4. New recipes – Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with healthy foods. Eating the same Lean Cuisines for lunch & turkey sandwiches for dinner gets old. When I get bored with my fridge fare, I like to find easy, quick & healthy new recipes to try out. What are some of your favorites?
5. Keeping track of progress – I like to keep a log of my workouts so I can look back at how hard I have been working and think, “Do I really want to take today off after I have worked so hard all those other days?” I am thinking that to myself now, as I sit sleepily at my desk and think about running two hours from now. Over the past two months, I have run a total of 1,221 minutes. What’s 30 more tonight? I can do it.

How do YOU stay motivated? I’m curious to know—maybe I can find some new inspiration. What kinds of workouts do you do to change things up? Favorite tunes? Recipes? I’d love to hear about it all!

Fat stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 158.5 pounds
This week: 158.5 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Keep on keepin’ on!

  1. First things first, if “you need “numbers”, then use a scale. Your body is its’ own scale, if you train regularly, & watch your calorie intake, the weight will drop & your body will tell you that “without” a scale. (right now, the scale is the “dagger” to you and your motivation) Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re almost there, the bad part is, the closer you are to your goal, the harder it gets. Right now, you’re at the flat line stage, & it’s when even if you train, you don’t lose any weight, “no worries” that’s part of the weight loss routine, and it’s normal, frustrating but normal. Keep up what you’re doing, as “consistency” is the key! As you progress, you’ll find that your motivation will all of a sudden go through the roof, and its “that feeling”, (like a drug) you’ll want to train harder than ever and enjoy doing it. Hard to believe, but true! Your “MFs” are good, and as far as the foods, healthy is good, but if you must cheat, it’s ok, but “control cheating” small portions, just for the taste, and satisfaction, if you don’t go over board, it won’t put all of your training in vain. I know you’ll do fine! Good luck to you, and best wishes!

  2. sweetreislingplease says:

    So you took a week off and didn’t lose any weight. Is that such a bad thing? Hey! It’s better than have kept to the diet and exercise and not lost any weight, right? You know that you only have yourself ‘to blame’ but is blame what you need? We all have things we know we have to do whether it’s work, cleaning, taking care of others, etc., but everyone needs time off once in awhile! I can’t imagine how unpleasant it is having the world watch and judge your progress. You’re brave and you’re human. Just start up again with your new MFs. I especially like the one about buying new clothes! :-)

  3. I suggest you stop weighing yourself every week. I think it is better to stay away from the scale and try to go on it only once a month. I agree with all of your MF’s especially the workout clothes. I used to work at Sport’s Authority and would feel the urge to workout each time I bought more clothes.

    Something else that motivates me is trying on skinny jeans that I aspire to fit into nicely. Jeans will never lie and it is a sure-fire way to visibly see where you want to be!

    Good luck girl and I KNOW you will find a way to shed that unwanted weight!

  4. I have a wall calendar in my room. Each day that I go to the gym, I weight myself. Personally, I’m not worried about my weight, but I use it as a general health indicator. I assume that I’m gaining muscle from lifting as my weight grows. When I get home from the gym, I write my weight in big numbers on my calendar using a sharpie. That shows me my ‘progress’. Then, I color in dots in one of the corners. Red if I worked out abs. Green if I ran/walked/biked. Blue if I lifted at the gym. I also put little tally marks in if I golfed that day. As the month goes on, I can easily see if it’s been a good one judging by all the colors on the calendar. Every day, I wake up and I’m motivated to do something that adds more color. :-) I can go back and quickly see progress and how active I’ve been. My friends think it’s cool.

    Besides that, I try to find partners to lift and run and bike and golf with. I GPS track all my running/walking/biking. I DL new music every weekend. I make a point to look in the mirror here and there. I’m really happy with myself and my health, so I’m not overly worried about how I look. If I notice a positive change, however, that’s more motivation for me. Always gotta be positive! :-)

    I try to come up with new twists to my workout each week to keep it fresh. And besides all that, I just keep it up and keep moving forward.

    Good luck with everything Amanda!

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