You know the saying: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”?

Well, once you get “it” back, life sure is sweet!

A couple months after I started on this journey, I strained my hip flexor and had to lay off running for several weeks to let it heal. It stunk. I was antsy, frustrated, and longed to be running during those late summer evenings. Yet, on the positive side, I found my love for riding again (and got a new speedy bike in the process).

I slowly eased myself back into running again. After a month of running only 2-3 times a week, I was finally back up to running an easy 2 miles every other day. I was back on track.

So, I signed up for a boot camp class to jump-start my fitness routine. Four weeks later, I sat lazily on the couch one morning, basking in the glow of my TV and pondering if I could just skip the class that week. I really didn’t feel like going. The time for me to leave came and went. But five minutes later, I felt so guilty that I was skipping my boot camp class to watch TV (something I really don’t do often anyway) that I ended up arriving to class late and joining in.

Oh, how I wished I had just kept watching TV! That morning was the first time in my life that I sprained my ankle (heck, sprained anything). One emergency room visit later, I was making my way to my boyfriend’s car on crutches with a throbbing pain in my right leg…and in a very angry, unhappy mood as I blinked back tears the whole way home.

I was so motivated to move, finally—but I physically couldn’t.

Now, about four months later, I finally feel all healed. This week, I started my training schedule for my half-marathon in May, and during each workout I paid careful attention to how my ankle and hips felt. I probably paid them too much attention, as it seemed like every few steps I would think, “Does that feel like it hurts a little? Why does it feel like it is so tight all of the sudden?”

I am haunted by the injuries, it’s true.

But, I’m slowly running away from those ghost pains. Because every time I have gone running this week—which has included TWO three milers, which is further than I have run since last summer—I have gained more confidence in my body, more love for running, and more strength to keep moving forward.

Tomorrow, I’ll go for a “long run” of 3.5 miles…Fingers crossed.

Hooray for a healthy, happy start to the new year! And, check it out – I lost more weight! I’m so close to my goal weight, now.

What has been your biggest accomplishment this week? Remember, the small things count—and can be just as sweet!

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 148.5 pounds
This week: 147 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Keep livin’ the sweet life.


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