Last week, someone commented on my blog post that I should make sure my boyfriend doesn’t “sabotage” me. At first, this made me chuckle, but then when I thought about it… He does! (Sorry, my dear.)

The realization came on Sunday night when we went to a steakhouse for dinner; he ordered the big T-bone steak, and I got a chicken salad, which I was actually really looking forward to. But then he also ordered potato skins for an appetizer. And I was realllly hungry. So when those cheesy, bacon-covered potato skins were slid in front of me and I knew I still had ten minutes until my salad would come out, I caved and had a couple. And then the realization came to me: this is what my commenter meant. SABOTAGE!

But can I blame him? He didn’t order the potato skins to make me eat them or to tempt me on purpose—he was just hungry, and he sure isn’t on a diet, so he eats whatever he wants. Maybe I should blame my self-control. Or maybe I should stop trying to stick blame on something. I mean, I was hungry, come on.

The problem here is being confronted with unhealthy choices during moments of weakness. It’s like when the alarm went off this morning at 5:30am for me to get up and run, yet in my comfy, sleepy state I pushed snooze and didn’t get up until an hour later. It’s like when I went camping this weekend and found the graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate bars. S’mores, anyone? Yes, please!

Truth is, I am human.

Oh wait. That isn’t a flaw, is it?

Thus came realization number two: I am human, and I will err. I am going to be faced with temptations every day and I am not always going to triumph. It’s letting those little things go and trying harder next time that is important. There are things in life that will sabotage me, so maybe I need to learn how to make those saboteurs work with me instead of against me.

For instance, after dinner I told my boyfriend that if he wants to help support me, then getting appetizers like that probably aren’t a good idea. (What I really meant is, don’t order junk like that again! Please.) This is a struggle for me though—can I really tell him that if he wants to eat something like that, he can’t? That isn’t right. I think what I meant is this: If you want to support me, please also help me to succeed. Let’s take this journey together. Let’s be healthier together. Not just my boyfriend, but also my friends who willingly ate turkey hot dogs on whole-wheat buns around the campfire with me. And my friend who even got the 55-calorie beer for our cookout (after a couple, it all tastes the same anyway).

To succeed at any goal, having the support of those around you is crucial. And I realized that this weekend even more as I felt myself slip a few times. But I felt it even more when those around me were helping me along…Whether it was giving me a hearty “awesome babe!” and a sweaty hug when I finished my six-mile run, or when my friends supported my diet even on a camping trip. It’s great to know that I can still do all the same activities with my friends that I used to do, without having to worry so much about what I am eating or whether I will fit my workout into the day. And, of course, it definitely helps when I think of all of YOU who are reading this right now, and those of you who take the time out of your day to tell me that I am doing great and how you’re working harder, too.

So let’s ALL do this together, shall we?

Fat stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 160 pounds
This week: 158.5 pounds (yes I am counting that half a pound!)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Next week, I want to try some new workouts. My sister has been talking about Zumba® classes she’s been taking (not sure if I am coordinated enough for that, but I guess we’ll find out!). What kinds of workouts or exercises do you like to do? Leave me a comment & let me know, I’d love to try it out too!

Sweat on,

  1. Yes, please, come do Zumba with me!
    My friend at work was talking about the same sort of Sabotage. She decides to go on a diet and the first week is no carbs. What does her husband do? Makes banana bread.
    P.S. – It was gooood.
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Resisting temptations can be really hard especially when someone puts a yummy smelling plate of tater skins right under your nose. I think the people that care about you are willing to make a small change to help you reach your goal. A lot of times friends and family want to change be healthier too.
    It’s great that you trying Zumba with your sister. I hear its a blast and I’d like to try it some day. Taking classes at the gym and playing team sports like hockey and volleyball make working out much more fun. I’m a fan of swimming because its easy on the joints and its a hardcore workout to stay afloat (I sink like a rock)!
    Keep up the hard work!

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