After a month-long hiatus, I am happy to say HELLO again! :) Did you miss me?

What a busy month October was! Work has really picked up more than usual with the holiday season rapidly approaching. Since I last wrote about the delightful fall weather, our team has completed our holiday gift guide, new holiday site design (with a hidden surprise on the home page–can you find it?), and our cute new wintery blog design. Not to mention, I’ve been on several photo shoots, one of which was for this season’s festive women’s sleepwear. (Can’t wait to get my own!)

With a slightly overflowing work schedule, I ran into the problem that many of us face: How do you fit in a workout after a looong day at work? Or further, when all you want to do is sit down and veg in front of the TV when you get home—how on earth do you motivate yourself to go outside in the cold, or worse, to the gym?!

patience now will help you run thousands of miles later!I will admit, I fell out of my routine a bit. I went from working out almost daily, to working out maybe every other day (and sometimes my workouts were really half-hearted, as my roommate can attest to). I took solace in the fact that there was a light at the end of the tunnel with my slightly hectic schedule, and that this few weeks of workout slow-down was the perfect time to give my body a little rest. Which, to be honest, my ankle still really needed. After trying to run on it for a few weeks, I quickly learned that it was just too much. I listened to the pains and saw the swelling and backed off. Just this week, I’m finally back to running/walking every other day, and that is okay with me. As one friend said, “Patience now will help you run the thousands of miles later!” Solid words of advice.

I wish I could say I have lost more weight over the last month—but hey, losing one pound is better than gaining a pound. Weekends out on the town, plus a couple Halloween celebrations, and candy around the office have not been helping. But, it is now my goal now to lose the final 5 pounds before Thanksgiving, so it’s time to buckle down.

Typing in the words “Week 26” in the title of this post, I realized that I have been sharing with you the “skinny” on my life for six months now. And, I’d like to think we’re good pals. Thanks so much for following along so far, sharing your words of encouragement and advice, and just having fun with me. I’ve loved sharing my experiences with you all, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about them, too!

My question that I am dying to hear your answers to this week is, what is your favorite cold-weather workout/activity? Do you get outside still, or do you find an indoor sport to take part in?

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week 4 weeks ago: 151 pounds
This week: 150 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Have a sunny day!

  1. Good Job Amanda! Even if you said you slowed down a bit, you’re listening to your body! And at just 5 lbs away from your goal, “You Rock!” Keep up the good work! I usually run on my treadmill, (when the weather is really bad) if not, I usually start out on an early morning jog just before sunrise, the weather is cool, slight breeze in your face, and not too many people to get in your way, (the peacefulness & tranquility is awesome) for me, it’s the time to go out and jog; I enjoy that! So don’t forget, grab a sweat shirt & go! Good luck & best wishes!

  2. You are so close girl!! I still run and bike outside when it’s cold, the decrease in people on the trails make it more fun for me. I also do a lot less running and tend to hike more now. Winter running and hiking can be just as fun as fall!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post – I just started a journey of *hopefully* losing the 30 lbs I gained in college and it’s very hard to keep going (especially after a week off due to an illness). Good luck with your last 5 lbs!

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