fall leavesWhen one season ends and the next begins, it always seems that the “new season” is my favorite of the year. But as fall has slowly made its chilly, crisp descent on Wisconsin, taking the green leaves and replacing them with rich reds, golds and oranges, I am reminded more and more why I really LOVE this season.

I love that everything comes in pumpkin variety: pumpkin-scented candles, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin muffins and breads and ice cream, pumpkin lotions, and the list goes on…

I love that Sundays mean making a big brunch, followed by settling on the couch to watch some football with fresh Wisconsin cheese, fruits, and summer sausage as a mid-afternoon snack.

I love that when I walk out my door in the morning to go to work, I can take a deep breath of brisk air and smell the sweet, crunchy leaves scattered across the ground.

I love that when I leave work in the afternoon, the sun is still shining and the temperature is just right for running.

I love that my injuries are healed and that I CAN run this fall!

I love staying in on Friday nights, getting cozy with my boyfriend, a bottle of wine, and a good movie while the cold wind blows outside.

I love that I’m starting to design things for Christmas at work, because that means my favorite holiday is just around the corner. :)

I love bonfires on cool nights, bundled up in a sweater and scarf, and the bonfire smell that still sits in my hair the next day. (And eating s’mores, of course.)

I love experimenting in the kitchen again, grateful for the good smells and the little bit of extra warmth from the oven.

I love coming up with crazy costume ideas, and going to the craft store to buy all the necessary pieces to make a fabulous Halloween costume. (So much cheaper & cuter than those pre-made, scandalous ones!)

And, at this very moment, I love that fall means it’s Homecoming weekend for my college. Lots of old and new friends will be gathering at my alma mater and we’ll be catching up on all of our crazy lives, laughing a lot, reminiscing, consuming several adult beverages, eating good food, and having fun nights out. That will be my fall weekend, this weekend. And that makes me happy!

What are your plans this weekend, and what do you love most about fall?

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 151 pounds
This week: 151 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds



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