All this time, not being able to run on my gimpy right ankle, I have been wishing for two left feet. But, the time has finally come…

I ran this week.

Yes, RAN!


[Insert huuuuuge cheesey smile here.]

That was how I felt on Monday night. Happy, excited, and I just could not stop smiling.

I had gone to physical therapy that night, and after just a few exercises, my physical therapist walked towards the treadmill. “What do you think about trying to do a little light jogging today?” she asked me nonchalantly. No big deal.

My entire face lifted with a huge grin and I tried to keep down my voice as I responded, “Ummmm, YES!”

Now, I realize that “yes” is not even the grammatically correct way to respond to that question, but that’s the only word my brain could find.

I jumped a bit overzealously onto the treadmill and the PT slowly upped the speed. I can’t say the running itself felt normal; my ankle was still very tight and a little wobbly, so it didn’t quite have a normal range of motion. Despite that, running did feel natural, like my body had been waiting to be able to work and move in those motions again and it was finally getting back to normal…

At my next appointment, after running again, I asked if I could continue running on the days that I didn’t come in to the office. My PT said yes, I could, but DON’T push it. (She must know me.) Only 10 to 15 minutes total, and 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals. Of course, the next day I ran 15 minutes (and an extra 30 seconds—shh, don’t tell).

On my next visit, I decided to ask the big question: There is a 5K on October 30th, a Halloween run that I participated in last year and that several of my friends plan on running again this year. Would it even be possiblecould I run it?

If I’m smart about it, don’t push myself too much, and realize that I will probably have to walk part of the run—then yes, she said, I could probably run the 5K.

It’s funny: After taking so much time off running and starting to love biking this summer, I began to wonder if I could really call myself a “runner” anymore. When I could finally start running again, would I like it as much? Would I still choose to bike instead, or do my other strength workouts? What if I just lost my love for running? But, after finding out that I had the official go-ahead to begin running again, the ecstatic cheering in my head proved to me that, even after so long off my feet (right, left, or both), I am indeed still a runner. And I can’t wait to prove it in that 5K in a couple of weeks.

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 152 pounds
This week: 151 pounds (getting there again!)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Run, run, run!


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