Over the weekend, I was faced with every dieter’s worst nightmare: vacation.

I could get away from the stresses of everyday life, work, the heaping mound of laundry that I’ve needed to do for the last two weeks, and more…but there was no leaving the diet behind. I went home with my boyfriend to Michigan for a long birthday weekend, and the challenges began on our car ride up. We stopped at a burger restaurant for dinner; I was good and ate a turkey burger…and I was bad and ate some cheese curds, too. Not the best way to start out the weekend, Amanda! I was a little mad at myself, and a bit in despair wondering how I would be able to control what I’d be eating when I knew we’d be out to dinners with family and friends, being confronted by birthday cake (brownie cheesecake, to be precise), and being offered more than a couple drinks. For an hour after dinner in the car, my mind kept going back to the thought: How am I going to do this?
I caught my first fish!

I posted to Facebook about my dilemma: “How do I stay on track?” One friend told me, “It’s your boyfriend’s birthday [and your vacation], you don’t have to!” Now, I don’t like excuses, but…I thought she might have a point. I had to let go a little. After all, this quest to start a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean I have to deny myself of small pleasures. It can’t completely rule my life and become a tyrant over my mind—that isn’t healthy either. A good balance is what I needed.

I tried to get in as many runs as I could, including one in the rain. My runs got cut off when we went to a cabin for most of the weekend and was told that unless I wanted to run from some wolves, I better not go running around on the dirt roads in the woods (crikey!). I tried to make up for it by going on a walk close by, going fishing (caught my first fish EVER [see picture], before it wiggled off the line and right back into the water, oops!), and running around after my boyfriend’s 3-year-old sister. On the food front, my meal options were limited to what the family made for me, but I did my best not to over-indulge. (Okay, I’ll admit it. I had a piece of brownie cheesecake. But it was sooo good that I don’t regret it one bit!)

Overall, I think I did okay. I could have done better, but, I guess I know next time to pack myself some healthy snacks, offer to bring something for a meal or two, and work out a little extra before I go.

Now I see Memorial Day weekend looming ahead and I know I will be enjoying cookouts, going out for drinks with friends, hosting some sort of get-together, and squeezing in workouts between all of that. So please help me! How do YOU deal when you’re on vacation, or out with friends? When you can’t necessarily control what you’ll be eating, or don’t want to seem rude at denying what you’re offered, how do you still stay on track?

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 163 pounds
This week: 160 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Thanks for your comments and support so far—it totally helps and makes me smile! Follow me on Twitter @jockey_amanda where I am posting about my daily workouts, fav meals, and other random thoughts.

Until next week,

P.S. Just so ya all know, I bought a new scale yesterday that I do NOT plan on returning!

  1. It’s so hard when you’re surrounded by temptations. It’s much easier when everyone around you eats just as healthy as you do. I try not to go to the grocery store hungry and try not to buy the things I’ll regret eating. If its not in the house, than you can’t feel bad for overindulging! I think having a food/workout buddy definitely makes a huge difference, too. Keep up the good work!

    p.s. I had a great time running with you yesterday. Let’s do it again sometime. Go team 6-pack!

  2. Nice work Amanda! I find that once I am in “the zone” its easier to eat and not stray from it, especially when I’m working out really hard. But honestly, sometimes you also need to understand that you’re human and that eating just a bite of cake will satisfy your craving, so keep your cheats to small amounts instead of going crazy. The other thing I try to remember: just because you stray a little doesn’t mean you give up on the week/day. You can always pick it up again and don’t get discouraged!

  3. Keep up the good work Amanda! We all have those weekends that are harder than others. Just when you have a “not so good weekend of eating” just make sure that following week you really stick to working out and eating healthy! Let’s get ready for the MC200 race and the MS Mud Run!

  4. Alyssa Capo says:

    Drinking is the HARD part, isn’t it?? When I lost weight in high school, I never had to worry about that. But now that I am trying to lose it at 22, it’s a lot harder. I enjoy going out and drinking on the weekends with my boyfriend…and I hate having to give it up, too! The only thing I try to do, is that if I know that I’ll be going out on a weekend night, I make it a point to do really good. BETTER than good, during the week. Then I just let loose for one day. It won’t hurt a 6 day diet, in fact, I read that somewhere…as for not sounding rude and saying “no thanks” to someone else’s cooking, I have brought my own food to my boyfriend’s parents’ house before and they were very understanding. Just let them know that you REALLY want to do this (and that they’re food looks delicious…because I’m sure it will) and that you’ve been doing really well so far and don’t want to ruin it! It’s true! :)
    As for memorial day weekend…well, good luck on that one. lol ;) Eat a piece of chicken, no creamy “salads”, fill up on fruit, and steer clear of the chips!! (well, maybe chips are just MY downfall)
    You’re doing really well!! And to let you know.. you’ve inspired me to actually STICK to my diet this time! :)

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