Well, I don’t really have anything profound to say this week, except that: morning workouts have saved my life.

I never used to be a workout-in-the-morning type of person. In high school, it was torture to get up at 7:30am for cross country running practice. In college, getting up before 8am for anything, let alone working out, was unheard of. But, now that I am all grown up (at the ripe old age of 23), I find myself waking up before 8am, even on the weekends. I hate to admit it, but I have turned into my father already: “Look at all I’ve gotten done today, and it’s only noon!” Or on the rare occasion that I sleep in until 10am, I wake up and look at the clock and think, “Oh no, half the day is almost gone!”

But, the truth is: I love the morning! I don’t know how this magical change has happened, but there is just something about starting the day early. I love getting all those nagging “to-dos” crossed off my list so I can go into the rest of the day a little more care-free. This new love of the AM has especially come in handy for workouts.

It’s hard to fit in a social life, time with the ones you love, and even simple errands, when you have to rush home to work out, after already putting in your hours on the job all day. A couple mornings a week, I get up early (before the sun is even yawning), and get my work out in before I go to work. Some mornings, it’s hard to get out of bed. The other morning, I didn’t even get up to work out (oops). But whenever I DO get that cardio or weight training in, I sure can feel those happy endorphins as I jam out to the radio on my way to work as the sun is coming up. I don’t always feel the most “energized” like some people say they do, but I do feel pretty chipper and happy. And the best part is, my evenings are free for socializing, errands, or whatever else I feel like doing. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself, with so much free time!

So, now I am proud to call myself a “morning person.” I didn’t even realize that I am a morning person until last week: On Thursday, I had to be at work at 6am so I could leave for vacation (road trip!) at 3:30 that afternoon. I knew I only had one option: I had to work out before work, since I’d be stuck in the car from 3:30 until late that night. So, on Wednesday night, I set my alarm for 4am and hoped I would actually get up. The next morning, I pushed the snooze button a few times, yes—but I was up by 4:30 and pumpin’ some weights. I’m not gonna lie: I felt pretty hard core when I finished working out and then was at work at 6:15 that morning. I did it!

The question is, if I can get up at 4:30am to work out, do you have any excuse next time not to get up? :)

I do have one issue with morning workouts: I need a healthy, protein-packed, quick breakfast to eat right after. I want to test a bunch of recipes next week and review some of them right HERE on this blog for your reading (and tasting) pleasure. So help me out, please! Do you have a go-to breakfast in the morning, or a favorite recipe? Please comment and let me know!

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 153 pounds
This week: 152 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Happy mornings,


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