You thought I wouldn’t be writing this week, didn’t you?

Well, I thought about skipping this post. I’ll be honest.

I can say, without doubt, that I was definitely depressed after I sprained my ankle last week. Take an active girl who has just recently rediscovered her passion and love for running, biking, even just walking outside, and plop her on the couch for a week straight. Yes, I was depressed. And can you say cabin fever?

My mom would say I looked like Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. (Okay, weird reference, I know, but go with it.) When I was a kid, if my little sister or I pouted and dragged ourselves around the house, my mom would tell us we looked like Rosie the Robot. As little kids, this was an insult! Yet here I was, shuffling around the apartment all day with my head down, heaving big sighs. I had reverted.

Not only was I stuck on the couch, basically immobile, but I also found it was harder to keep eating healthy. For over a week, I was so mad and frustrated that I became apathetic about anything health-wise. I went out to several dinners with friends and got whatever I wanted on the menu, not even thinking about if it was good for me or not. I even got dessert twice. I never do that! At home, I ate whatever I felt like, too. I craved pizza one night, so I ordered one—plus breadsticks. What happened to me?

So yes, I’ll admit that I very much did not want to write this post, because I didn’t want to confess that I was a despondent gobbler all week. But, admitting my mistakes makes it easier, I’ve realized, to rebound. I thought I had the working out and eating thing under control… Nope, I don’t. And you know what? I realize that it will be a constant battle, all the time. With the world surrounding me with all kinds of unhealthy foods, drinks, and ideas; and limiting my time to cook or work out, of course it’s always going to be difficult. But it will get easier, as it has been getting easier over the last four months.

I think people believe they can pick either dieting or exercising—one or the other—and that alone will help them be healthier or lose weight. But they should go hand-in-hand. Doing one makes it easier to do the other. If you work your butt off in the gym for an hour, why on earth would you want to eat a piece of cheesecake that totally negates that? So, if there’s one piece of advice I can offer, it’s this: Fight both battles at once. You’re stronger than you think.

That’s Couch Potato Lesson #1 from Amanda. I’ve had a lot of time to sit here and think. However, I’m happy to say I went for a 20-minute bike ride yesterday (for the first time since the ankle sprain), and though my ankle felt weird being used again, it didn’t hurt. So, here’s to a speedy recovery. And here’s to a stronger YOU.

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 150.5 pounds
This week: 153.5 pounds (That’s what happens when you let yourself stop caring…)
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Fightin’ the battle,

  1. Hi Amanda,
    At least you realized what was happening before too much damage was done. Even if you went on a short “Gobble Spree”, riding your bike was a great alternative to get out of he house, in the fresh air, & helped you to stay in focus until your ankle got a little stronger for you to go running, & or walking again. “SET BACKS” happen, that’s just the way it goes, but now that your semi mobile again, reset your sites and go forward, (leave the past behind) but take it slow! You’ll do just fine! Take care & best wishes!

  2. Sherry Heinz says:

    Hang in there “Rosie” and keep your chin up. Eat healthy, keep happy, and the healing will come. You will be back on both feet before you know it.
    Love you always!

  3. sweetreislingplease says:

    LoOk on the bright side – your ankle is ‘only’ sprained – not broken so the crutches won’t last six weeks or more. You’ll be up and running soon. Isn’t it funny (not haha funny but odd funny) how sitting around NOT burning energy makes a person eat more? BTW …. I think “despondentgobbler” would make a fabulous email or IM screen name! ;-)

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