I never thought that in my first big girl job, I would be blogging about losing weight. But here I am, and here’s my story. For hundreds of people to read. Here goes…

Flashback: Two weeks ago.

Everything I put on to wear to work seemed just a tad too tight as I threw one shirt on the ground and grabbed another out of my closet. As the pile of discarded too-small clothes began to build over the week, I began to wonder. I hadn’t weighed myself in almost a year; surely I could not have gained that much weight since then? So I went shopping in search of a scale.

Upon entering the store, my eyes were pulled to the bathing suits that stood just off the entrance, which made me forget all about my scale worries and begin to daydream of laying on the beach this summer. It didn’t take too long for my daydreaming to become quite a nightmare as I looked in the dressing-room mirror. After trying on a few suits, I realized I did not need a scale to tell me the harsh truth… I quickly pulled my jeans & sweatshirt back on and texted my good friend: “quickest way to ruin a girl’s day: try on bathing suits!!! blah.”

Needless to say, I didn’t get anything I tried on; but, I did leave the store with a scale in hand and a sense of dread that seemed to weigh on me (yep, pun intended). As soon as I got home, I unpacked the scale and hopped on. 166 pounds.

Whaaaattt?! Last time I weighed myself (which granted was almost a year ago), I had weighed 148 pounds. So where did this [almost] twenty pounds come from?! I put my hands on my hips and pursed my lips as I glared down at the number. As I shifted my weight from side to side, the number went up and (my heart lifted) way down. No need to worry! The scale must be broken!

At work the next day, I joked to my co-workers about how I had to return the scale over lunch because—I scoffed—it just had to be broken. But deep down, I had a feeling that perhaps I was getting a little bigger, my clothes (definitely) a little snugger. I knew I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Then, my boss told me about the Jockey weight loss challenge that was starting the next week; she and a couple others wanted to start a team and they needed another person—would I want to join?

Well, I already felt guilty enough about returning the scale just one day after I’d bought it (what do I say when the cashier asks why I am returning it? Is it really defective?).

So, Jockey weight loss challenge, here I come.

And I hope that you’ll come with me! As I go through this challenge for the next 12 weeks, I would love for you to follow along with me. I’ll be posting about the challenges of eating healthy, squeezing cooking and work-outs into my busy days, trying new workouts, the triumphs that I’ll feel as I shed some weight, and the set-backs that will come surely my way as well. I could definitely use some encouragement, advice and support from YOU—and at the same time, I hope you find those things for yourself as well as I share my experiences, tips, and insights.

So it begins…

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds.
Week 1: 163 pounds.
Goal weight: 145 pounds.

Until next week – your fearless blogger,

P.S. Follow me on Twitter to see more updates on how I’m doing: @jockey_amanda

P.P.S. My Jockey team rocks—we lost 18 pounds total! Go team!

  1. You can TOTALLY do it. I’ve been running McFatty Monday on my blog for roughly 20 weeks & have dropped 35 lbs. It’s AMAZING the transformation that has occurred & is so worth it.

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck!! I have a feeling that I may need to do my own personal weight-loss challenge when I get back from studying abroad… Haven’t been on a scale since January; makes me a bit nervous…

    I’ll definitely follow your progress to give myself motivation, too! =)

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