With only a few days left until the big showdown between Denver and New England, we’re starting to search high and low for all the underpants we can find. With a win this Saturday, Tim Tebow and his team are one game from the title game. For all of our fans, that means a new, and FREE, pair of Jockeys could be in the very near future thanks to our $1 MILLION “Super” Challenge.

But, how exactly does Tebow and his team match up to the competition in New England? According to our recent survey of 1,000 people, more than half of respondents (54%) are rooting for Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. But, it’s not only what’s on the field that counts. As an underwear company, it’s only fitting we ask: Which of Saturday’s quarter-backsides would you rather see in his underwear, Tim or that guy in New England? Turns out more folks want to see the guy in New England in his skivvies than Tebow. We just don’t agree, so we’re calling for an offical re-vote. 

Who would you rather see in their unmetionables?

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Here are additional findings from the survey:

  • It’s Tebow Time: When asked who they were rooting for on Saturday, 54% of respondents to a Jockey poll said they’re rooting on Tebow.
  • Running the Table: The real question is; can Tebow take his team to the promise land? 57% believe Tebow has what it takes to WIN the big one in February. And forget the pundits: Tebow is a lock for the ladies’ vote with nearly three-quarters (65%) females believing he can go all the way this season.
  • First and Tim: Asked to choose which quarterback they’d rather meet in person, respondents gave Tebow the edge over Brady (51% versus 49%). But the ladies were slightly less divided – women were nearly 20% more likely than men to take Tim over Tom.
  • Let’s Get Physical: Can’t decide which quarterback you’d rather have as your personal trainer? You’re not alone. When asked which QB they would rather work out with, respondents were split 50/50.


Both America and Jockey are betting pro quarterback and Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow will win football’s championship game on February 5, 2012. If Tebow’s team brings home the trophy from Indianapolis, we have celebratory plans of our own. We’re giving away $1 MILLION worth of Jockey product to 40,000 people. Now you can see why we’re searching high and low for all the underpants we can find. Plus, one lucky fan will take home $15,000, in honor of Tebow’s number, of course.

Not signed up yet? Here’s the scoop on how to enter:

  • Make a purchase on Jockey.com between now and February 5 to automatically be entered to win
  • Enter without a purchase by registering at jockey.com/tebow


Want to follow the Jockey $1 MILLION “Super” Challenge action? Check out our contest hashtag #IfTebowWins to stay up to date on all that is Tebow and Jockey. Even better, send a tweet to @Jockey telling us what YOU will do #IfTebowWins, and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a $100 Jockey gift card and an autographed Tim Tebow football!

Get those cheering voices ready, everyone!

  1. I’ll tell you why he isn’t seen in any of the Jockey products….he doesn’t have the body! He is no Jim Palmer. If you don’t want to model the underwear, then why would you take the contract?

  2. i think its funny that Tebow for being a JOCKEY spokesman … has not been seen in any of their underwer .. when Jim Palmer was the Spokesman …he was seen in every JOCKEY product known …. but not Mr Tebow.. wonder why ?

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