The holidays are just around the corner, bringing some of the happiest moments of the year, but also some of the most stressful. While the thought of reuniting with loved ones, spreading holiday cheer, and indulging in grandma’s apple pie can warm anyone’s heart, there is a dark side to the holiday season – travel.

These days families are often spread nationwide, if not worldwide, making long-distance travel an inevitable reality. Whether you’re taking a train, plane, or automobile, it means many hours of being stationary. In these situations, comfort is key. You might have put hours of thought into what gift to purchase for your parents this year, but have you spent any time at all thinking about how to stay comfortable during those hours of holiday travel?Travel_Microfiber

Lucky for you, Jockey has done the work. Thanks to Jockey’s line of lightweight, easy-to-wash, and fast-drying underwear, all of your underwear needs are taken care of. In this holiday traveler’s underwear survival guide, we’ll go over how you can make the holidays a little merrier simply by choosing the right underwear for your holiday trips.Mens_BoxerBrief_Travel

One thing many travelers overlook is the ease of packing and washing the clothes they bring. Fortunately, Jockey® underwear for men offers many comfortable and convenient options this holiday season. With Jockey’s Travel Microfiber Trunk, the sleek and lightweight fabric means that you can easily wash your underwear as needed, without having to worry about long drying times. Or, if briefs are more your style, the same benefits can be found in the Travel Microfiber Brief.

NPLP_modelFor women looking for that perfect fit, try one of our no panty lines underwear, like the Modern Edge Hipster or the No Panty Line Promise® Tactel Bikini. These underwear sit flush with your body to eliminate panty lines and provide seamless comfort. Another great option is the Slimmers Hidden Panel Reversible Tank. This tank adds an extra layer for comfort during those long car rides or plane trips, while also gently smoothing and slimming the tummy area—an extra helpful benefit during this food-friendly holiday season!

In addition, all of Jockey’s travel underwear is specifically designed to be lightweight, so you have one less thing to worry about weighing down your bags.Womens_Modern Edge

So this holiday season, while picking up your Thanksgiving turkey and designing your holiday cards, do yourself a favor and pick up some Jockey® travel underwear. The right underwear is a small purchase that can make a big difference in this year’s holiday travel.


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