If you’re planning to get out of  dodge sometime soon, we bet underwear’s the last thing on your mind. But, it shouldn’t be! Your undergarments are crucial to keeping you as comfortable as possible when you’re away from home. Read on to see which pairs are right for your trip, as well as our top tips for packing your bags.

Adventure Seeker

Jockey Men's and Women's Active Mesh Underwear

Have a day of sight-seeing or backpacking planned? You need underwear that will keep up with you—not hold you back. Active Mesh styles are key.

For him:  Active Mesh Underwear

Active underwear wicks away sweat and moves with you for the on-the-go, non-restrictive comfort you need to keep trekking on. The mesh fabric offers breathability and superior ventilation. All active styles come in packs of 3 which makes it super easy to toss into your luggage (more on that later).

For her: Sporties Mesh Underwear

The active styles feature all over mesh and sweat-wicking fabric which helps you feel cool and dry all day long. Plus they’re super cute and have mix-and-match bralettes. 

City Tourist

Headed to a new city? To keep you cool and comfortable while enjoying all your destination has to offer (beautiful beaches, city streets, museums), we have several options.

For Him: Essential Fit Staycool+™ Underwear and T-Shirts

This new collection features advanced 100% cotton cooling technology, making them an ideal choice for a busy day of sightseeing in any weather. 

 For Her: Skimmies® Slipshorts

Whether your wearing a flowy sundress on the beach or exploring the city, don’t forget your Skimmies® slipshorts. They’ll keep you covered should there be an unexpected gust of wind.

Try Cooling Skimmies® slipshorts made of an ultra-light fabric, that provides a cool feeling underneath or Original and Short Skimmies® slipshorts in new true-to-you shades.
Skimmies Slipshorts

A Bit of Everything

If your trip calls for busy days, long travel times or a mix of activities, you’ll want underwear that provides all day comfort.

For Him: Travel Microfiber Underwear and T-shirts

Travel Microfiber is really soft and lightweight. Wash them at night, hang to dry and they’re ready to go by morning—perfect if you’re on the road or short on packing space – See packing tip #4 below.

For Her: Seamfree® Underwear and Bralettes

Seamfree styles offer a smooth, flat, stay-put fit that moves with you. They are comfortable and versatile – so perfect for traveling. Plus choose from multiple silhouettes and collections that fit your style. 

Now that you’ve got the right pair, make sure you’re packing smart by following these tips…

Six Tips for Packing your Essentials:

1) Always pack an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on. This will come in handy should your luggage get lost or misplaced.

2) Roll, don’t fold, clothing. This saves on space and helps prevent wrinkles.  


3) Place undergarments in a small bag or pouch—this will help you stay organized (especially if you’re going to be living out of your suitcase). 

Tips to packing underwear


4) Include items you can wash on the road. Hint, hint: our Travel Microfiber underwear.


5) Layer items in your bag. For example, shoes one layer, clothes one layer, electronics one layer. This makes it easier to unpack and get to the items you need. 


6) Bring versatile clothes that go with anything. Think: black and white tees, layering camis, etc. This helps lower the amount of items you need to pack. 

Now that you know what kind of underwear to pack AND how to pack, your ready to travel!

Shop jockey.com for all your travel essentials.



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