At Jockey, we guarantee the comfort, fit and quality of every single garment we make. We want your Jockey products to last long, stay strong and always be your top-drawer go-tos. But, we also know that life can be messy… and dirty… and busy, which can show on your clothing!

To help keep your forever favorites looking (and feeling) brand spankin’ new, we reached out to Samantha Frederick, Raw Materials Coordinator at Jockey. She gave us easy-to-follow tips, great tricks and best practices to caring for your clothes.

Divide and conquer

Keep whites and brights separate in the washing machine. This will help prevent darker colors from bleeding onto lighter ones and ruining them. It may add an extra load, but it’s worth it!

Keep it clean

It’s vital to keep your washer clean—especially a front loader. Sometimes they don’t drain completely, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only will this cause the washer to have an odor, but your clothes as well!

Stop stains 

When possible, treat stains right away with a detergent or stain remover. This will break up the stain and allow it to come off more easily in the wash—a stain that sits and settles is harder to get out. Rinsing the stain with cold water (and repeating, if needed) will also help lighten it up.

Look closely

Check garments after washing to ensure stains are gone. If a stain is still present, treat and wash the clothing again before drying. Otherwise, you risk the dryer setting the stain, which can make it harder (or even impossible) to remove.

The softer side

Some Jockey® products are enhanced with a moisture management technology. Often times, the care label on these garments will say Do not use fabric softener. This is because fabric softener coats the fabric and can prevent it from absorbing and wicking sweat. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid fabric softeners and drier sheets on microfiber or athletic products as they can alter the fabric’s durability or effectiveness.

Handle with care

Perhaps the most important thing in caring for your clothing is to read and follow the care instructions. This will help clothes last longer and look better. Not abiding by care instructions can have a negative effect on a garment’s color, size, fabric and overall quality.


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