Tim Tebow

Some media outlets and bloggers are expressing curiosity about our recent use of an image of Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. Maybe you are, too, so we thought we’d set the record straight!

Jockey has a great relationship with our spokesman, Tim Tebow, and we’ll always feature Tim in a manner befitting who he is, and what we mutually agree on to be tasteful and appropriate.

As Tim was leading his team to the playoffs, Jockey had a campaign supporting Tim’s efforts, and the Jockey.com homepage image we used of Tim in the locker room wearing our Jockey SPORT collection (you can see the waistband) was meant to express a powerful, competitive tone and be topical. The photo nicely complemented the corresponding copy, “Playoffs. Tebow Time.” When Tim’s team was no longer in contention for the championship, we reformed the homepage copy to express “Thanks for showing us how to staycool this season” (Tim is the face of the Jockey® STAYCOOL collection), and changed the homepage photo to feature Tim wearing his favorite staycool t-shirt with timely, corresponding copy.

That’s it. Really. Sometimes the truth is far less interesting than imagination!


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