As kids, we all had career aspirations like doctors, professional athletes, police officers, teachers and so on. But, where was the kid screaming, “I want to be an underwear architect!” Perhaps it’s a special breed; after all, many of us aren’t comfortable discussing our undies or talking to people about theirs.

One of the most interesting things about working with underwear is the conversations. We’ll be honest, it’s not uncommon to talk H-flies, waistbands and wedgies over lunch. As result, that work/life filter gets tricky.

We sat down with Yildiz W., senior director of product development at Jockey for some real insight into that work/life filter of an underwear architect. Due to the nature of her job, Yildiz shares, “We’re always trying to innovate and offer our customers unmatched features and fit in underwear. Sometimes, that means picking the brains of friends and family members about what they like/dislike in a pair of underwear. After all, they’re no different than our customers.”

Want an example of that conversation? At a recent dinner party, Yildiz says she managed to turn the topic to underwear in attempt to research how her male friends used the fly on their underwear. There’s that work/life filter we mentioned. Anyway, Yildiz discovered four of her five friends actually used their fly. For us underwear folks, that’s almost like winning the lottery.

Aside from less than normal conversation habits, Yildiz shared when meeting new people and mentioning she works at Jockey, underwear waistbands start flying out. She jokingly admits, “I’m not sure whether to laugh or immediately change the topic.”

Well, now it’s uncomfortably obvious that working with underwear seriously impacts our social lives. But, we have a really good reason — we’re trying to make the best undies in the world, and sometimes that means asking friends about theirs.

So, it’s only appropriate we hear from you: What’s your favorite underwear style?

  1. At age 62, I have a lot of underwear experience! I discovered the pouch briefs several years ago and loved the comfort, the support and finally a fly that was actually comfortable to use. I changed to the boxer/briefs a while back when I moved to a colder climate, but I am a loyal Jockey Pouch fan and can’t imagine changing to anything else. Thanks for your quality product. Oh, sometimes if a friend sees me in my underwear, they will ask about the pouch. Makes for interesting locker room conversation.

  2. I think the most comfortable underwear that Jockey ever made was the Jockey Life Slim Guy Tapered Boxers. I wish they still made them, the current tapered boxers are not near the quality, fit, or look of the previous generation. Having the solid colors and patterns with the white trim were the best. I buy them whenever they show up on ebay (of course others are buying as well, so they sell at a premium). I wish Jockey would consider making them again, like they did with the retro briefs with the white trim. Yes I do use the fly!!

  3. I agree with David, men’s underwear isn’t very good. I prefer full cut styles (aka briefs) because I want support and don’t like the chaffing of boxers/boxer briefs. I also really like light and VERY soft fabrics (mostly nylon/spandex blends)

    Let me tell you I’ve done a lot of research on this. I’ve personally purchased over 80 pairs of panties of various brands and fabric make ups. While all of them felt better than men’s briefs, none of them made the “these are perfect” cut (I’m very picky).

    So I’ve had to settle for the comfies hipsters. The waist bands/leg openings are perfect. The crotch width and size are perfect. The durability and price are spot on. I just wish they were softer. As soft as the luxe or regular No panty line promise lines, with the cut and size range to match, but with the durability that those don’t have.

    One of the biggest problems of buying panties, however, are sizes. Being 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds makes sizing difficult. One of my biggest gripes is that a lot of the softer panties offered in the cuts I want stop at XL or 8, which is way too small for me. The luxe line would probably have been perfect had they had briefs in size 10 black, but alas it was not meant to be. I just wish that you guys could make a mens brief that was as soft as the lux women’s line, and as comfortable as the comfies line. (I literally don’t think I’ve worn a more comfortable pair of underwear than the comfies hipsters/briefs)

    As to a front fly, I’ve never used one and found them to be pretty silly and pointless.

  4. My favorite Jockey Underwear is the Elance Bikini Briefs. They are very comfortable,look great, and most important my wife loves this style of underwear on me.

  5. LA Jockey fan says:

    I think Jockey achieved near-perfection with the classic Y-front brief – certainly in the briefs category it has always exceeded every other competing brand and I have tried them all. And yes, I use the fly! I would also credit Jockey with very superior boxer shorts – the full cut 100% cotton ones anyway, especially in hot humid weather when you need looser comfort and air flow under the khakis … a great casual Friday option, also with a very practical fly. I have tried out boxer briefs and trunks but it is very hard to improve on the first two classic styles. But nice to know someone is trying. Yildiz sounds awesome!

  6. Underwear that I prefer are boxer briefs the new stay cool by jockey. Would like to see jockey come out with styles like those of Calvin Klein- the slim fit knit boxers and more pouch styles like Calvin Klein offers. But please keep the great soft waistbands.

  7. I remember my first week working at Jockey…our little department meeting turned into a discussion about underwear style preferences. Awkward to say the least for a new employee – but I quickly learned that was the norm & have to remind myself that underwear isn’t a typcially conversation topic with my outside of work friends. And to answer your question my favorites are the NPLP boyshorts and the Ultimates :)

  8. Men’s underwear is incredibly uncomfortable, no matter the brand or style. Jockey is my number 1 brand of panties, and my favorite style is french-cut supersoft. French-cut Comfies are a close second. Call me strange if you want, but try them once and you’ll be hooked for life – you’ll also wonder what took you so long to find real comfort in your underwear!

  9. Men’s underwear is incredibly uncomfortable, no matter the brand or style. Jockey is my number 1 brand of panties, and my favorite style is high-cut supersoft. High-cut Comfies are a close second. Call me strange if you want, but try them once and you’ll be hooked for life – you’ll also wonder what took you so long to find real comfort in your underwear!

  10. I think the best styles are one’s that have been invented. From a long time customer perspective some of the designs you have don’t need to be reinvented. What you’re looking for is consistency, new fabrics are fine but some your products don’t last so people must be coming back for the original designs. Your classic series is always good.

  11. I kind of like them all… boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, whatever. Some are comfortable some are not… depends more on the brand/construction than the style (ie. some briefs are very uncomfortable; some are too tight, some are too loose, some are just right). I really want to try the H-fly underwear, though, to be honest, I don’t use the fly usually to begin with. I didn’t realize anyone did.

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