Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time to stock up on clothes that will keep you cool, comfortable and dry through every day! Introducing the key to summer comfort, Jockey Staycool technology. It’s proven to keep your skin temperature cooler by up to three degrees. We wanted to feature some of our favorite cooling products for both men and women in honor of summer’s arrival and higher temperatures!



Our Staycool men’s tees come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Each style features a traditional fit with a reinforced collar for a stay-flat look, and the double-stitched hems are smooth, comfortable and durable. We offer classic crewneck (also available in big & tall!) and v-neck styles, both made with 100% combed cotton.



Staying cool underneath ALL your clothes is the key to a comfortable summer. We also feature our Staycool technology in men’s underwear!

If you’re looking for the most classic fit, try our classic cotton Staycool Boxer Briefs.



If you’re looking for a more fitted style, try our Staycool Stretch Boxer Briefs.



If you’re looking for a longer cut, try our Staycool Stretch Midways.



We also have classic Staycool Briefs! There’s a way to stay cool for every preference.





 Here at Jockey, we love our Skimmies — especially when they keep us cool!

Our Skimmies Cooling Slipshorts come in three neutral colors and are made with silky-smooth fabric, designed to regulate your body temperature. They glide easily under clothes for a line-free look!



For when you’re trying to sweat, our Skimmies Wicking Slipshorts are perfect for under activewear. The quick-dry, moisture wicking fabric works with mesh panels for a breathable, cool fit. 


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