Through 136 years of making underpants, we’d like to think we’re experts. From the introduction of the world’s first-ever brief style to our revolutionary No Panty Line Promise and Jockey staycool collections, we’ve discovered the most innovative ways to cover your butts. But, more importantly, our underwear wisdom has taught us that every wearer has a specific need or desire.

Recently, there’s been a strong demand from our customers for a convenience based underwear style. And by convenience, we mean disposable (when it comes to undies, we don’t joke). To accommodate this demand, we introduced The Jockey Brief Brief on April 1. Like every Jockey style, we’re striving to fulfill our commitment to satisfy the human need for comfort; even if that’s paper underwear you can flush down the toilet.

Crafted with a sophisticated, yet sleek design, our NEW Jockey Brief Brief is manufactured from 100% recycled paper to offer the ultimate on-the-go convenience – you can toss it in the garbage when you’re done. Plus, with a no-fly construction and an ultra-smooth, plush back waistband, you‘ll enjoy signature Jockey comfort AND style.

To learn about the inspiration and hear customer testimonials on The Jockey Brief Brief, watch our exclusive video below.

 We’d love to hear, would you wear the Jockey Brief Brief? Tell us in a comment below.


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