Layer. Lounge. Live: The Best Fabrics to Keep you Warm this Winter
Temps are starting to drop, there’s a chill in the air, and the leaves are beginning to fall. We all know what that means. Winter is on its way.

But don’t let the cold-weather blues get you down. This season is full of amazingness—giving, gifting, Thanksgiving, holiday lights, Christmas…CHRISTMAS!! You catch our drift?

Plus, winter calls for the warmest, coziest, softest fabrics ever. Which means it’s time to get comfy. Here’s a closer look at the materials that matter most and when to wear them.


Soft, plush and slightly fuzzy, fleece is perhaps one of the warmest fabrics around. The interesting thing is that it’s also porous, which makes it feel light and breathable, too.

It’s also very versatile. Not only is it a popular choice for clothing, but also blankets, pillows and other accessories. It’s a great fabric to sleep in (especially if you like to stay extra toasty), but also perfect for lounging around the house.

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Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 12.49.55 PM.png1610-hero-msleep-640x580.jpg 



Soft to the touch and offering casual, bulk-free warmth and lightweight comfort, flannels are a go-to for the season. They come in a wide variety of prints and patterns so you can easily change up your look.

Flannel is an ideal choice for sleepwear because it will keep you warm, but not too warm. It’s also a super popular choice for outerwear (we’re all pretty mad for plaid, right?)

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Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.21.12 PM.png Modal

Softer than soft, this fabric feels absolutely delightful against your skin. You truly need to touch  it to believe it, but it actually is softer than cotton. Say it ain’t so!?

It also has great drape-ability, meaning it falls gently over your body and offers a very light, barely there feel. Modal is a must-have base layer. Try it under sweaters and jackets for extra comfort and warmth underneath.

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Chase away the chill and warm up with waffles. The durable, premium quality fabric provides long-lasting comfort that locks in warmth.

Semi-fitted styling makes thermals and long underwear an ideal outerwear choice, but also perfect for bulk-free layering. Long underwear is an absolute must-have for outdoor activities in the winter months.

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Bundle up with these cozy fabrics and you’re sure to stay nice and toasty all season long!

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