The Life of a Jockey Underwear Architect

As kids, we all had career aspirations like doctors, professional athletes, police officers, teachers and so on. But, where was the kid screaming, “I want to be an underwear architect!” Perhaps it’s a special breed; after all, many of us aren’t comfortable discussing our undies or talking to people about theirs.

One of the most interesting things about working with underwear is the conversations. We’ll be honest, it’s not uncommon to talk H-flies, waistbands and wedgies over lunch. As result, that work/life filter gets tricky.

We sat down with Yildiz W., senior director of product development at Jockey for some real insight into that work/life filter of an underwear architect. Due to the nature of her job, Yildiz shares, “We’re always trying to innovate and offer our customers unmatched features and fit in underwear. Sometimes, that means picking the brains of friends and family members about what they like/dislike in a pair of underwear. After all, they’re no different than our customers.”

Want an example of that conversation? At a recent dinner party, Yildiz says she managed to turn the topic to underwear in attempt to research how her male friends used the fly on their underwear. There’s that work/life filter we mentioned. Anyway, Yildiz discovered four of her five friends actually used their fly. For us underwear folks, that’s almost like winning the lottery.

Aside from less than normal conversation habits, Yildiz shared when meeting new people and mentioning she works at Jockey, underwear waistbands start flying out. She jokingly admits, “I’m not sure whether to laugh or immediately change the topic.”

Well, now it’s uncomfortably obvious that working with underwear seriously impacts our social lives. But, we have a really good reason — we’re trying to make the best undies in the world, and sometimes that means asking friends about theirs.

So, it’s only appropriate we hear from you: What’s your favorite underwear style?

Jockey Skimmies

Skimmies. Funny word, isn’t it?

Anyway, let’s get serious. We have enough things in life to worry about. Underwear shouldn’t be one. Oh, and sacrificing comfort for style? Unacceptable. With our newest innovation in women’s intimates, Jockey Skimmies is a must-have for your wardrobe. As we both know, it’s not just about what we wear on the outside – what’s underneath is just as important.

We’ve all been there before, you’re wearing your favorite skirt and you get that uncomfortable feeling of your legs rubbing together. Uh huh, that feeling. Or, maybe it’s been a busy day at the office and you finally can escape your desk, unfortunately, your skirt thinks you’re still sitting. Wedgie dance, anyone?

Specially designed with silky-smooth fabric, Jockey Skimmies let your skirt float, pants relax, legs glide and you’re even covered for those unexpected occasions. That’s right; we’ve all encountered a strong gust of wind.

Thanks to incredible stretch and recovery, Skimmies give you the coverage you need to feel comfortable and confident. Let’s put an end to the static and clingy fit of a traditional slip short. Step into Jockey Skimmies, we think it’s just what you’ve been waiting for.


Jockey Featured on TODAY Show

Jockey staycool was featured in a segment during the fourth hour of the TODAY Show. The segment showcased fashion looks and pieces that can be worn in any season. Our women’s white Jockey staycool tee is featured toward the end of the segment with a weekend look titled, “Basics with benefits,” discussing the benefits and technology behind the staycool collection.

To get more information on the women’s Jockey staycool collection, click here >>>

Top Drawer Favorites for Spring

Goodbye, winter blahs.

As you spruce up the closet with your favorite fit-for-spring fashions, be sure to show love to your underwear drawer. After all, what you wear under your clothes can make or break your outfit. There’s nothing attractive about panty lines or wedgies.

Whether you crave bright hues, prints or comfort driven styles, we’ve put together our top ten picks you’ll need to refresh your top drawer this season:

1. Modern Micro: Breathable and soft styles that feature a seamfree design for long-lasting comfort. Plus, a fun, contrasting waistband and lower-rise fit creates a modern and stylish look. Find them in your favorite silhouettes: bikini, hi-cut, hipster and boyshort.

2. GO Seamless Waistband Boxer Brief: The perfect fit for an on-the-go lifestyle. Constructed with soft and durable 100% cotton, seamless waistband and no-fly front, you’ll get the support you need in the comfort you expect.

3. Women’s Staycool: The temperature is heating up! Don’t sweat over it; stay comfortable all season long with skin temperature regulating styles. Personalize your look with reversible t-shirt and tank styles and fashionable underwear silhouettes in bright and colorful 3-packs.

4. Skimmies Slipshort: Smoothes like a slip, covers like shorts. With our newest innovation in women’s underwear, Skimmies gives you the coverage AND confidence you need in the comfort AND fashion you’ll love. We think it’s just what you’ve been waiting for.

5. Fashion Boxers: Freshen up your top drawer with casual and relaxed favorites promised to give your dress shirts envy.

6. Men’s staycool: Do you wear really cool underwear? The proven technology behind Jockey staycool helps keep you cool and comfortable all day, every day. Styles include 100% cotton crew and v-neck t-shirts plus breathable underwear silhouettes guaranteed to provide all-day comfort and support. Plus, choose from NEW colors, just in!

7. Pouch Boxer Brief: Enjoy a move-with-you cotton stretch and a H-fly design for supreme support and no-gap security.

8. Sleepwear: Nope. You’re not dreaming. Get comfy in our NEW, lightweight pajama must-haves. Mix-and-match your favorite sleep separates for dreamy nights. Now, you have no excuse for sleeping in your underwear.

9. Sport: Sweating your workout? Wick your worries away with quick-dry fabrics that help pull moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and your body cool. Take on any activity with our contoured H-fly design for ultimate support and athletic mobility.

10. Lace: Feeling flirty? With an allover lace design, satin bow detail and lower-rise fit, comfort has never looked so sexy.

Tell us, did your favorite style make our list?