Week 13: Don’t poop on my parade

watch out!Before you begin to worry too much about where on earth this post is heading, don’t worry—I promise it’s not too gross.

This morning, I was once again proud of myself for getting up at 5am to go for a run. I was trucking it back into my apartment parking lot near the end of my run, when I saw a flock of birds gathered in a corner. I felt a sudden rush because the finish line of my day’s run was just steps away, plus I was simply happy and feeling awesome because I enjoyed my workout, so I decided those birds needed scattering. So, like any sane 23-year-old woman, I took off on my final round of the parking lot and ran full-speed at the birds, watching them take off in flight while squawking angrily at me.

As I laughed to myself and walked to my stoop, I pulled my leg up to stretch my quad. I felt strong, I felt healthy, I felt so happy! Don’t you just love that great feeling after a good workout?

Then suddenly—as I turned my head to grab my other foot, I looked down at my shoulder in horror.

One of the birds had POOPED on me!!!!!

Well, it was a little gross (a little?!) but I didn’t let it totally ruin my runner’s high. I hurried inside to chuck my shirt off as fast as I could before I finished stretching. But what I will now refer to as The Bird Incident made me think about all the times when we think we are unstoppable, unbeatable, just on top of the world—and then something poops on our parade.

I really don’t think I’m pessimistic, just realistic: Sometimes when things are going 100% in the right direction, something is going to pop up (or fall from the sky) and try to make you swerve off track. It’s the expectation that these things may happen that allows us to deal with them.

But lately, it seems like not only The Bird Incident has been getting in my way. While my hip is feeling better and I can run again, I only run 2-3 miles at a time, and only a couple days a week. It’s frustrating, after having been able to run for 6 miles at a time earlier this summer. And on the eating front, I am getting tired of “dieting”. I’m not sick of “healthy” food—I don’t keep myself to a strict set of foods to eat, and I make some great meals. But, it’s just so hard to fit in going out to eat or having a couple after-work drinks when you’re on a limited caloric intake. As much as I’d like to have a glass of wine some nights, I know I shouldn’t cut out part of my dinner just so I can have that vino.

It’s just hard not being a “normal” eater like everyone else. Sometimes people just don’t understand why I can’t go get chicken wings with them, or why I don’t want to come out on a Friday night and tempt myself with all-you-can-drink beer.
And, as much as I have been trying to watch my calories these past few weeks, it just seems like the number on the scale keeps hovering. Still, I think I’m a pretty positive person, so I know that eventually I’ll get to my desired results.

But some days, it’s just hard to avoid the poop.

Quite simply, please tell me:
How do YOU deal?

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 152 pounds
This week: 151.5 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds

Watch the skies!

Week 10: If the jeans fit…Wear them!

This morning, as I was browsing through my closet figuring out what to wear, I glanced up at the shelf that held my jeans in a nice, neat pile. All of my normal jeans that I usually wear were dirty—ugh. Only three pairs remained: my skinny jeans, which have not fit in a long time (not sure if they ever DID fit when I bought them), an old pair of tattered and holey jeans that aren’t quite work-appropriate, and one more pair…a soft, comfy pair that I use to wear all the time.

“All the time” meaning last summer, that is. I have not worn these jeans in SO long, because around Halloween last year they started to feel a little snug. So, they got shoved to the bottom of the jean stack and have not seen the light of day since…

Until TODAY! Yes, that’s right. As I pulled the jeans off the shelf and unfolded them, I was afraid to try them on: what if they still didn’t fit, even after all of this hard work? But I pulled one leg up, then the other, hopped up and down once or twice (we women all know that move), and voila! The jeans FIT! I could barely believe it. I knew I had been working hard, eating healthier and trimming down, but for some reason in my mind I was afraid that it just hadn’t been enough.

But it was enough, and now I am sitting here in my office chair with my trusty old jeans on (and they aren’t even too tight sitting down, woohoo), sharing the moment with you, feeling silly for not trying these suckers on sooner. I’m sure they’re glad to be back out in the world.

With this triumph, I realize I have less than 10 pounds to go to reach my goal weight, and only 2 more weeks of the Jockey® Weight Loss Challenge. I finally lost a little more weight again this past week, so I am even more motivated to keep pushing those pounds off, even if I don’t do it by the time the Challenge is officially “over.” Because let’s be real—even when the corporate Challenge is over, the challenge of everyday life will still be here to try to derail me.

P.S. I face the trials of vacation again this weekend—let’s hope that after a weekend with family, lots of dad’s homemade vino, wedding cake and my mom’s delicious cooking, that these jeans still fit on Monday. :)

Fat Stats:
Starting weight: 166 pounds
Last week: 154.5 pounds
This week: 153 pounds
Goal weight: 145 pounds