Remember me?

Hello, again! Last time we met, I was celebrating my big 25th birthday with my very own Jockey® birthday email (still geeking out about that). Since then, a lot of amazing things have happened for me. Seeing as I work in social media, you know where I’m sharing my good news first!

At the time of my birthday blog and email campaign, I was the social media intern. I know what you’re thinking, “you were an intern and you got to do a photo shoot?” It’s still hard to believe, but I really did! Despite my title, there wasn’t ever a point when I truly felt like I was an intern.  Well, maybe there was one time…

The work environment at Jockey® is very relaxed and casual, no suits and ties or any of that uncomfortable dress attire. This is no surprise since Jockey®’s mission is “To satisfy the human need for comfort.” But, as the new guy, what did I do on my first day? I showed up in a suit. That’s right.  If getting lost on the way to the cafeteria didn’t shout “new guy,” my suit sure did. As I settled into my desk, admiring all of the new goodies Jockey® hooked me up with as a welcoming gift, my neighbor interrupted me as he peeked around the corner and smirked “nice suit.”

As much as I enjoyed being an intern, it excites me to share with you that I am now a full-time member of the Jockey® social media team (best news ever)! Now, I can officially call myself the social media guy for Jockey®. So, to all of our great followers and readers, I am looking forward to bringing you a fun and unique look at Jockey®. We have exciting plans coming up, and I would love for all of you to be a part of it. To make sure you don’t miss out, keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about my photo — it’s a Jockey® thing!

See you on social,


@Jockey_Ryan (Don’t be shy, drop me a “hello” tweet!)

To Dad’s We Appreciate and Celebrate!

Dad’s… they sure are amazing aren’t they?  With Father’s Day right around the corner, the question we’re asking is — what do you get the man that does it all?  It is no easy task to shop for the “dad-of-all-trades.” So, this year, we’re helping you out with our Father’s Day Gift Guide, filled with styles dad is sure to love.

Whether it was the time he taught you how to ride your first bike, change the oil in your first car or reassure you that the scary noise you kept hearing underneath the bed was NOT a monster – Dad has always been there offering his support.  Show dad your appreciation for all that he does with the gift of comfort from his favorite Jockey® collection.  From everyday essentials like socks, boxers and t-shirts to our sport performance and Jockey® staycool collections (that’s right, even dads can be cool!), we’ve got something for every dad.

To make this day even more special — we’re taking $10 OFF your $50 purchase on men’s styles.  That means you can spoil dad just a little bit more!  Stop by® between 6/8-6/19 to get in on these savings.  Plus, be sure to enter coupon code JKYDAD at checkout.

To all the dads out there, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

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As always, we’d love to hear some of your dad’s Jockey® favorites!  Oh, and don’t forget to share something that your dad taught you, too!

Gifting the same gifts: Great minds think alike

“Now that all of the children are grown, we still meet at my mom’s house to celebrate Christmas. A few years ago, we were doing the gift exchange and I was thrilled as I opened a gift from my mom and found that my favorite Jockey® underwear was her gift to me. I kept a completely straight face and urged her to open her present from me. When she did, she laughed so hard as I had gotten her the exact same thing she had bought for me – style and all!!! Good judgment seems to run in our family – like mother, like daughter!” -Laura, Milwaukee, WI

“My sister and I have similar tastes and both shop out Jockey® outlets. One year, we each bought the same style, same color holiday flannel pajamas for each other without knowing it until we exchanged gifts.” -Michelle from Kutztown, PA

If you, your family and your friends wear Jockey® styles – obviously you all have great taste! =) Once you get hooked on the fit and feel, you want everyone you love to experience it too! Our cozy microfleece and festive pajamas make fabulous gifts this season. Watch out! The same great styles may end up under your tree.

So tell us! What Jockey gifts are you giving this year? And, what would you like to receive?

Dreaming of a white (not worn, dirty or holey) Christmas…

“I was tired of my boyfriend always having “worn” underwear and t-shirts. He was buying whatever was cheapest at the grocery store. Once he tried Jockey, that’s all he’ll wear! It lasts and it’s stylish! Thanks Jockey for helping my boyfriend not have torn underwear!!” -Michele from Willis, MI

Ladies, this is your chance! Every husband, dad, brother has them…those old t-shirts that he insists on keeping around and WEARING even though they have holes, pit stains and are just completely worn out and gross! They may be referred to as “weekend t-shirts”, “scrubs” or “fill in the weird name he uses here”, but honestly, there is no reason besides cleaning rags that these t-shirts need to be around. This holiday, treat him (and YOU) to our Classic 6-packs collection. They make the perfect gift and are available in brief, boxer brief, midway® brief, crew t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and a-shirt styles. Say goodbye to those “other” styles, and say hello to Jockey’s 100% cotton classics in convenient 6-packs. Durable, dependable and a customer favorite. Shop Classic 6-packs

The tradition continues…

“My wife’s mother always bought her sons and I identical gifts. The first one who opened his present would show it around and tell everyone what all the guys are getting for Christmas. This got to be a family tradition because every year we got the same gift: two pair of jeans, two packages of Jockey® traditional briefs. When my wife started helping her shop, the gifts changed. We still got the jeans but instead of white, traditional full rise briefs and tee shirts, we started getting Elance® styles, Poco briefs, colored briefs and tee shirts. ‘We got a little flair in our underwear!’ My wife and I shop at the Jockey® store in Branson, MO. Just about every time we go to that store, one of us will mention her Mom’s Christmas presents to all of us.” -Jim from Springfield, MO

The tradition of giving or getting underwear and socks for Christmas…I think we all have a story of Grandma or mom gifting us these “essentials.” For me, it was my Grandma, giving all the boys crew undershirts and tube socks and all the girls matching pajama sets. Once all the gifts were passed out, all of us grandkids would try to figure out which box the undies were in so we could just open it and get it over with! We’d all groan “thanks Grandma” and roll our eyes at each other.

But, looking back, Grandma had the right idea. Most gifts we’d play with or use for a couple months and be done with, but those undershirts, socks and undies were definitely gifts that lasted all year round. It’s funny, now that all of us kids are grown, Grandma and Grandpa now just gift money, and I, copywriter for®, have now turned into the “gifter” of undies galore. So, the tradition does continue, but like Jim and his wife, my undie tradition has an updated and modern appeal. I definitely still gift the men in my family Classic undershirts and athletic socks, but I treat them to our newest underwear collections of Euro sport, 3D-Innovations® tees and boxer briefs, Echelon™ styles and this year, I’m even giving my dad Euro Fashion! He’s a brief guy and this is my attempt to bring him into the 2000’s with bold colors and stripes! My mom, sister and cousins can’t wait to try our newest activewear styles, minis and festive pj’s. Plus, everyone on my Christmas list is getting a mini brief key chain in their favorite color.

Today, with® offering over 500 styles – make sure you continue your underwear giving tradition. Treat your loved ones to the best in style, comfy-ness and color! I can almost guarantee that eye rolls and groans are a thing of the past!

Merry underwear giving!

Gift giving made simple

Need gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We just launched our Holiday 2009 Gift Guide! Filled with hundreds of gift ideas for everyone on your list this year. NEW arrivals include cozy slippers, microfleece robes, festive pj’s, scarves & mittens and workout clothes. And, of course, we’ve got tons of new underwear styles and classic Jockey favorites. On a holiday budget this year? No stress! Shop by price: gifts under $15, $30 and $60. (you’ll still be spoiling them with Jockey style & comfort). Merry shopping: