Jockey Cools Down the Big Apple

With the arrival of Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow in the Big Apple, NYC has been buzzing with excitement. To show support for our favorite quarterback, we placed a billboard hours after the trade on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel reading, “We support Tebow & New York.”

To live up to our “We support New York” message, Jockey hit the streets of NYC to dish out t-shirts and underwear from our newest and coolest collection – Jockey staycool – a favorite of Tebow’s.  The sampling event took place in Union Square and Grand Central. We’d like to think of Jockey underwear as support everyone can count on.

We were thrilled to see high-level energy surrounding the giveaway event. Believe it or not, free underpants can get folks pretty rowdy. In between chants of “Jockey staycool,” our crews fitted New Yorkers with tees and undies, exclusive coupons and a chance to WIN a trip to meet Tim Tebow at The ESPYs (the red carpet event of the sports world) in July.

And, while we can’t fully confirm, we think lead singer from the band Journey might have gotten himself some Jockey staycool. But, check out the pictures below and decide for yourself. 

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Tebow Takes Manhattan

Now that our spokesperson Tim Tebow is packing up his Jockey underwear and heading to New York, we’re showing our support and excitement with this NEW billboard. The billboard was unveiled Friday afternoon on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. Get your first look now:

Tim Tebow Trade

Jockey’s unwavering support of Tim Tebow will continue as he now joins the New York Jets. It is an exciting time for Tim and we at Jockey share in that excitement. Jockey brought Tim on as a spokesperson before he took his first professional snap and even before he finalized his first NFL contract. We have always seen something special in Tim. He’s a young man with talent, drive and heart, and we believe he will continue to impress on and off the field. Jockey supports Tim Tebow 100 percent.