A Gift Guide for All of the Personalities in Your Life

Women's Robe

While gift-giving opportunities and occasions occur all year ‘round, there’s no question that the majority of gifts are exchanged in December. Sometimes we know exactly what to get the people on our gift list; while other times, we could use a little help or hint. Thankfully, … Continue reading 

Holiday Gift Guide: Give the gift of comfort & JOY

Our holiday gift guide has arrived!  Find the perfect present for everyone on your list and skip the stress of holiday shopping.

If you’re looking for a great gift for her, soft and plush fleece and festive flannel PJs are great for cozy days and nights.  Or, give her comfy thermals for layers of added warmth.  Plus, check out our romantic Flora collection and other feminine styles in holiday-inspired hues and prints.

We’ve got the perfect gifts for the guys on your list, too.  Rugged waffles offer a durable texture and body-hugging warmth for braving the cold.   For the guy that’s all about style, shop our signature boxer collection.  Or, check out our lougewear favorites and give the gift of casual comfort.

Plus, we have great stocking stuffers for everyone on your list (and they’re under $15)!  Whoever you’re shopping for this year, give them the gift of comfort & JOY with Jockey®.

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Fall is in the air: Get the essentials!

The days of summer are quickly coming to an end, and the crisp fall air is starting to blow in.  Don’t fret over what to wear!  We have 5 great ways to keep you comfy, stylish and warm this season!

 Our 5 fall essentials (straight from our lookbook ):

1. Thermals
 Layer up and keep warm with long sleeve thermal henleys, crew and v-neck style long sleeve tops and long Johns.  Fashionable colors and prints make our men’s and women’s thermal styles a fall must-have.

 2. Sleepwear
Shorter days mean more time in your PJ’s!  Get a restful night’s sleep in our new selection of women’s sleepwear bottoms, tops and sleep shirts

3. Sportswear
Mild-weather workouts will be a blast with our men’s and women’s activewear styles!  Gear up with active tanks, tees, bottoms, hoodies and more!

4. Socks & hosiery
Treat your feet right and add fashion to your fall wardrobe.  Guys, step up your look with our selection of athletic, casual, and dress socks.  Ladies, add fashion to your feet with colorful hosiery styles or get comfy in any of our other women’s sock styles

5. Layering Pieces
Take your favorite Jockey® layering pieces from summer to fall.  Create a trendy fall with our men’s and women’s tanks and tees.  Pair them up with a Jockey® hoodies, jacket or stylish top for the perfect fall look.

Do you have any other fall essentials?  We’d love to hear!  Shop all of our fall styles, or any of your other Jockey® favorites!

3 Ways to Wear a Classic

Our Jockey® Classic Tank is a long-time customer favorite. The comfy cotton fabrication offers a form-flattering fit with the perfect amount of stretch. Plus, a large selection of colors and prints make our classic tank extremely versatile and great for layering or wearing solo.

Here are three ways that we love to wear this classic style:

1. Hit the gym. Pair one of the fun prints available in our classic tank collection with a pair of Jockey® activewear bottoms. Plus, layer the tank over a breathable and supportive sports bra for the perfect gym look.

2. Grab lunch with friends. Last-minute lunch date with the girls? No problem! Layer up two classic tanks (try accenting one of our feminine prints with a bold solid color) and match them with your favorite pair of jeans. A casual look with fashionable flair.

3. Kick back and relax. At the end of the day, we all need a little “me” time. Get comfy in a pretty classic lace tank and a pair of cozy pajama bottoms. The relaxed styling and feminine detail will have you feeling at ease and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Try any of our classic tank looks, and let us know what you think. Or, let us know if you have any other ways that you love to wear our classic tank!

Our Back-to-School Checklist

As I was listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJ’s talking about the Wisconsin State Fair.  It took me back to my swine-showing days (pig tails, boots, overalls…the whole shebang).  I always LOVED the fair: the food, the animals and, of course, the people watching.  Everything about it was great …well, almost everything.  Fair-season also meant that school was just around the corner.  My days would no longer consist of sleeping in, heading to the beach and hanging out with friends.  It was back to the classroom, loads of homework, study sessions, and sports practices.

Once I got back into the school routine, I never minded getting up and going to class.  Plus, being social was my favorite daily subject (I always got an A+!)  There was always one really stressful part about going back to school, though—back to school shopping! Backpacks, folders, pencils, notebooks and, most importantly, new clothes!  If you’re anything like me, it would have been awesome to have a personal shopper; someone that could find all the best deals, latest trends and comfortable clothes.  Well, this school year, you’re in luck! Jockey® can help knock out some of that school supply checklist, check out our back-to-school checklist and you’re sure to be at the top of your class.

Ladies’ School Supplies:
1. First, get the tools you need to succeed everyday
Stock up on new socks, fashion hosiery, trendy tanks and your favorite underwear styles.

2. Then, get geared up for gym class
We’ll have you ready for any challenge (dodge ball, volleyball, running, weightlifting…you name it!) with supportive sports bras, move-with you activewear bottoms and trendy activewear tops

3. Lastly, schedule a recess
 After a long day of class (or maybe in your world laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning), take time for yourself!  Slip into any of our soft sleep bottoms, lightweight sleep tops or fashionable sleep shirts and chemises.  You’ll sleep sound and wake up ready to take on your day.

Guys’ School Supplies:
1. Start your day with the basics
Get your favorite t-shirt and underwear styles to have you feeling great and ready to take on any test.

2. Then, show the coach your head is in the game
Gear up with Jockey® sportswear so you can perform your best.  Breathable and moisture wicking fabrics will help you keep you cool (so you can be the star!). 

3. Finish your work in comfortable Jockey® style
Sometimes your day doesn’t end after the last bell rings.  While you’re doing your homework, kick-back with a relaxed t-shirt, a cozy pair of sleep pants or a lightweight pair of boxers.

Our back-to-school supply list isn’t too demanding, but it’ll sure put a hop in your step every day!

Deck the halls…and yourself!

“Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go to church at midnight and come home and let the “kids” (they are 16, 19 and 22 now) open ONE present from under the tree. Every year the present is TA DA…Christmas “Jammies” from Jockey! Who doesn’t like wearing brand new sleepwear on the most important night of the year? The guys always get flannel pajama pants and a sleep shirt, the girls always get cute separates or a night gown. They are always like “AWW MOM!” But I know that they love the tradition and look forward to it. After Church on the way home my daughter will say something like “don’t forget we still get to open our Christmas Jammies….I mean our ONE present and the guys will wear their comfy stuff most of Christmas Day! Thanks for the tradition Jockey! It’s the little things that hold a family together!” -Pamela C. Lake of the Ozarks, MO

“My fiancé and I have a tradition of giving each other pajamas every Christmas Eve and we wear them to bed that night. It’s something her family had done when she was a child growing up and we wanted to continue it. My preference is always Jockey because of the comfort and quality.” -Steve from Penacook, NH

There’s something about wearing comfy and cozy FESTIVE pajamas on Christmas morning that just makes the day a little more special. And if your family is anything like mine– the camera is out in full force during gift unwrapping time. Don’t be caught in those dingy & drab old things! Put on a little Christmas cheer with our mircofleece, flannels, and warm cotton blend sleepwear styles. Take your pick of rich solid hues, cheerful stripes, classic plaids and we can’t leave out the festive prints of snowflakes, ornaments, reindeer and snowmen! Cheers to being cozy, warm and full of holiday spirit this season.

Gifting the same gifts: Great minds think alike

“Now that all of the children are grown, we still meet at my mom’s house to celebrate Christmas. A few years ago, we were doing the gift exchange and I was thrilled as I opened a gift from my mom and found that my favorite Jockey® underwear was her gift to me. I kept a completely straight face and urged her to open her present from me. When she did, she laughed so hard as I had gotten her the exact same thing she had bought for me – style and all!!! Good judgment seems to run in our family – like mother, like daughter!” -Laura, Milwaukee, WI

“My sister and I have similar tastes and both shop out Jockey® outlets. One year, we each bought the same style, same color holiday flannel pajamas for each other without knowing it until we exchanged gifts.” -Michelle from Kutztown, PA

If you, your family and your friends wear Jockey® styles – obviously you all have great taste! =) Once you get hooked on the fit and feel, you want everyone you love to experience it too! Our cozy microfleece and festive pajamas make fabulous gifts this season. Watch out! The same great styles may end up under your tree.

So tell us! What Jockey gifts are you giving this year? And, what would you like to receive?

The tradition continues…

“My wife’s mother always bought her sons and I identical gifts. The first one who opened his present would show it around and tell everyone what all the guys are getting for Christmas. This got to be a family tradition because every year we got the same gift: two pair of jeans, two packages of Jockey® traditional briefs. When my wife started helping her shop, the gifts changed. We still got the jeans but instead of white, traditional full rise briefs and tee shirts, we started getting Elance® styles, Poco briefs, colored briefs and tee shirts. ‘We got a little flair in our underwear!’ My wife and I shop at the Jockey® store in Branson, MO. Just about every time we go to that store, one of us will mention her Mom’s Christmas presents to all of us.” -Jim from Springfield, MO

The tradition of giving or getting underwear and socks for Christmas…I think we all have a story of Grandma or mom gifting us these “essentials.” For me, it was my Grandma, giving all the boys crew undershirts and tube socks and all the girls matching pajama sets. Once all the gifts were passed out, all of us grandkids would try to figure out which box the undies were in so we could just open it and get it over with! We’d all groan “thanks Grandma” and roll our eyes at each other.

But, looking back, Grandma had the right idea. Most gifts we’d play with or use for a couple months and be done with, but those undershirts, socks and undies were definitely gifts that lasted all year round. It’s funny, now that all of us kids are grown, Grandma and Grandpa now just gift money, and I, copywriter for Jockey.com®, have now turned into the “gifter” of undies galore. So, the tradition does continue, but like Jim and his wife, my undie tradition has an updated and modern appeal. I definitely still gift the men in my family Classic undershirts and athletic socks, but I treat them to our newest underwear collections of Euro sport, 3D-Innovations® tees and boxer briefs, Echelon™ styles and this year, I’m even giving my dad Euro Fashion! He’s a brief guy and this is my attempt to bring him into the 2000’s with bold colors and stripes! My mom, sister and cousins can’t wait to try our newest activewear styles, minis and festive pj’s. Plus, everyone on my Christmas list is getting a mini brief key chain in their favorite color.

Today, with Jockey.com® offering over 500 styles – make sure you continue your underwear giving tradition. Treat your loved ones to the best in style, comfy-ness and color! I can almost guarantee that eye rolls and groans are a thing of the past!

Merry underwear giving!