Sami’s Summer Picks

Hi there everyone! I’m a web content specialist at Jockey®, but some people call me the “Jockey® words girl.” I get to whip up copy for e-mail campaigns, catalogs and the® website. I make sure you all get in on all of our best deals and know about our newest styles and colors.

This summer, I had the opportunity to not only write about my Jockey® favorites, but “model” them as well. It was a great time, except for the fact that I get really awkward and uncomfortable as soon as someone puts a camera in my face. Even though I think I should probably stick to my day job, I am super excited to show off my top picks.

I’m a summer girl, but this year it has been H-O-T! It’s been my goal to “keep my cool” all day. Impossible, right? Nope! The new Jockey® staycool tee helps to keep me up to 3 degrees cooler. Plus, the fit is GREAT! And, did I mention that it is reversible? You can wear the Jockey® staycool tee as a crew neck or a v-neck, depending on the look you want to create.

Want to see my favorite staycool looks? Check out my summer e-mail »

Other Jockey® styles that I’m loving this summer:

  1. The Jockey® Sport relaxed pant. It is so comfortable! Plus, it’s available in short, medium and long lengths. (Perfect for me since I’m just 5’2”).
  2. No Panty Line Promise® Thong. I have bigger things to worry about than panty lines.
  3. Naturals bikini. This style is awesome. The material is super soft, and I love the wide waistband. Cute and comfy all in one.
  4. Elance Supersoft cami. I love layering camis under my favorite tees or just for lounging around the house. The fabric is light and soft. Plus, I love the longer length. (no tugging or pulling!)

Thanks for reading and staycool!


No Panty Line Promise Luxe (don’t take our word for it!)

Don’t take our word for it! See what several mommy bloggers had to say about our new Jockey® No Panty Line Promise® Luxe collection. Affordable, everyday luxury with our best promise of no lines underneath! You’ll see and feel the difference!

A special thank you to our wonderful mommy bloggers:,,,, and

Don’t Sweat the Dress! Wedding Season Dressing Guide

I just looked at my calendar last night.  It’s the one hanging from my fridge, the only thing that gets me where I am supposed to be every day!  As I flipped through, looking at my weekend plans for the remainder of the summer, I realized wedding season is truly in full swing (I have four on my calendar so far).

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE weddings!  It makes me so happy to see people I care about start the rest of their lives together.  Plus, I get really excited for shakin’ my groove thing on the dance floor.  The only thing is, between work, trips to see the family, cookouts, concerts, baseball games and camping, (not to mention other random obligations and activities) the last thing I have time to stress out about is looking good and feeling great in my dresses for all those weddings!  I’m sorry, but losing “the last five pounds” to look my best is just not in the cards. 

Luckily for me, and all you other ladies with a summer full of weddings, looking great doesn’t have to mean being miserable while dieting for a month!  Jockey® has a summer wedding dressing guide just for us!  The slimming and smoothing shapewear and underwear options from our No Panty Line Promise® collection will help flatter all of our womanly curves (even the ones we aren’t too proud of).  You can define your bust and waist, smooth out your midsection, slim your tummy and rear, tone and smooth out your thighs and get all over shaping.  Plus, keeping your panty lines invisible is a breeze with the No Panty Line Promise® panties.  

If you’re anything like me, it’s great to know I have one less thing to worry about this wedding season!  Now if I could just find the right shoes, necklace and purse…

Don’t sweat the dress this wedding season, check out our wedding dressing guide to find a style that will help you look and feel your best!  Do you have any “prep” secrets to looking your best at summer weddings?  We’d love to hear them!

-Sami Seagren,

Staff favorites. Styles we LOVE

Jockey® No Panty Line Promise® Tactel® Lace Camisole

“This cami is my favorite because it is the perfect first layer. Every great outfit starts with a strong base and this cami is the everyday basic that begins every outfit. The fabric is lightweight and smooth under clothes.” – Sybil, Director Product Development

Jockey® 3D-Physique™ Low Rise Brief

“I feel supported and yet free when I wear them… It’s the greatest feeling in the world!!!” – Bryant, Director Training & Develeopment

Jockey® No Panty Line Promise Tactel® Lace Modern Brief

“I’ve been wearing these for over four years… Great for days in the office and nights of playing with my kids.” – Janis, Retail Marketing

Jockey® Euro Sport Microfiber Mesh Midway Brief

“Love running in the euro sport. I think it is comfortable and stays dry the entire run while providing the support I need for running.” – Mark, E-commerce Planning Manager

Jockey® Naturals Seamfree® Bikini

“I love the simplicity of the Naturals collection! The seamless silhouettes are flattering, the fabric is super comfortable and the extra wide waistband is sooo soft.” – Kelly, Senior Graphic Designer

Jockey® 3D-Innovations® Crew T-shirt

“I like that it is form fitting on me and has a modern look and feel. It is another versatile garment that looks nice when it is worn by itself or as a layering shirt.” – Adam, Consumer Research Analyst

Jockey® Women’s Classic Tank

“It’s super comfie, simple and basic. Great alone or as a layering piece.” – Joanne, Fabric Developer