Jockey® fun in the sun!

A few weeks ago, we had a consumer respond to a blog post asking for some help:

“I’m looking for something to help my wife, who is style-challenged, put together that “fun in the sun” look that your models display when we are on the beach.  Ideas?” – Eric S.

 Eric, we’re so happy you asked!  Here are three great Jockey® “fun in the sun” options.

 1.    Comfy and casual “fun in the sun” look:
Start with our Jockey® favorite tank.  This tank offers a flattering scoop neck and a high back  with thicker straps (stylish and modest).  Plus, 100% cotton provides light and breathable feel—perfect for hot days.

Next, pair it up with our Ultimates® Cotton Spandex Bikini.    Enjoy comfy cotton stretch for a breathable, move-with-you fit.  You’ll love the contrast stitch and feminine bow detail.  Plus, new summer prints just arrived!

 Finish of your look with a pair casual shorts or active capris.  Great styles that will keep you on-the-go!

 In the look you’ll be comfy, casual and chic all day long!

2.    Flirty “fun in the sun” look:
Jockey® minis is a fun, youthful looking collection.  Start with the low rise boy short  in a bright summer color, like salmon pink!  Our minis boy short provides a “cheeky” fit with the comfort of cotton stretch (plus, they’re 5 for $25!).  Four different silhouettes allow you to choose your coverage.

For an all around sassy look, pair the low rise boyshort with our minis cami.  Again, you will get the comfort of cotton spandex in a tailored fit.  This cami has a built-in shelf bra, flattering scoop neck, and adjustable straps.

Complete your look with a flowy summer skirt and a crop jacket.  And, don’t forget a great pair of wedge shoes!

3.    Seamless “fun in the sun” look:
Seamless fun in the sun is a cinch with our No Panty Line Promise® Tactel® fiber blend collection.  On the bottom, wear the flattering fit of our hi cut panties (try it in new confetti bouquet print).  The silky, gentle stretch creates a beautifully smooth look underneath.  Hello summer dresses!

Summer dresses not your thing? Pull off your seamless look with our No Panty Line Promise® Tactel®  fiber blend camisole.  Dual adjustable straps allow for a customized fit.  Plus, the lay-flat seams create a smooth look underneath your top.  Great for layering under a cardigan, light sweater or your favorite embellished tee.

No matter which style you choose, spend your summer days care-free, panty line free…and looking fabulous.

-Stay sunny!


Even the warmest summer days can bring cool nights.  Don’t forget to check out our hoodies and jackets for the perfect day-to-night look!

 Eric, we hope this helps you (and your wife) out!  If anyone else has a summer style suggestion, we’d love to hear it!

The tradition continues…

“My wife’s mother always bought her sons and I identical gifts. The first one who opened his present would show it around and tell everyone what all the guys are getting for Christmas. This got to be a family tradition because every year we got the same gift: two pair of jeans, two packages of Jockey® traditional briefs. When my wife started helping her shop, the gifts changed. We still got the jeans but instead of white, traditional full rise briefs and tee shirts, we started getting Elance® styles, Poco briefs, colored briefs and tee shirts. ‘We got a little flair in our underwear!’ My wife and I shop at the Jockey® store in Branson, MO. Just about every time we go to that store, one of us will mention her Mom’s Christmas presents to all of us.” -Jim from Springfield, MO

The tradition of giving or getting underwear and socks for Christmas…I think we all have a story of Grandma or mom gifting us these “essentials.” For me, it was my Grandma, giving all the boys crew undershirts and tube socks and all the girls matching pajama sets. Once all the gifts were passed out, all of us grandkids would try to figure out which box the undies were in so we could just open it and get it over with! We’d all groan “thanks Grandma” and roll our eyes at each other.

But, looking back, Grandma had the right idea. Most gifts we’d play with or use for a couple months and be done with, but those undershirts, socks and undies were definitely gifts that lasted all year round. It’s funny, now that all of us kids are grown, Grandma and Grandpa now just gift money, and I, copywriter for®, have now turned into the “gifter” of undies galore. So, the tradition does continue, but like Jim and his wife, my undie tradition has an updated and modern appeal. I definitely still gift the men in my family Classic undershirts and athletic socks, but I treat them to our newest underwear collections of Euro sport, 3D-Innovations® tees and boxer briefs, Echelon™ styles and this year, I’m even giving my dad Euro Fashion! He’s a brief guy and this is my attempt to bring him into the 2000’s with bold colors and stripes! My mom, sister and cousins can’t wait to try our newest activewear styles, minis and festive pj’s. Plus, everyone on my Christmas list is getting a mini brief key chain in their favorite color.

Today, with® offering over 500 styles – make sure you continue your underwear giving tradition. Treat your loved ones to the best in style, comfy-ness and color! I can almost guarantee that eye rolls and groans are a thing of the past!

Merry underwear giving!