Jockey and Tim Tebow Cool Down Florida

As summer temperatures start to soar, we’re on a mission to help hot cities stay cool. On Friday, June 22, we brought professional quarterback and Jockey spokesperson Tim Tebow to Florida as part of our “Hot City Cool Down” campaign. As part of the campaign, Tebow joined Jockey at the Tampa MacDill Air Force Base and later in Orlando for two exclusive fashion show events at Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland Avenue.

At the MacDill Air Force Base, Jockey and Tebow paid tribute to men and women of the U.S. military, honoring and thanking them for their service and sacrifice. The event featured a private reception and a lengthy interview with Tebow at the Base’s theatre. Jockey presented a $5,000 check to the Friends of Military Families organization of MacDill, an organization supplying financial support to military families in need. In addition, attendees beat the heat with free Jockey® staycool T-shirts.

Later in the afternoon, we showcased two fashion show events each welcoming 300 guests and co-emceed by our coolest spokesperson, Tim Tebow. Male and female underwear-clad models walked the runway highlighting our Jockey® staycool line of innovative underwear along with this season’s hottest styles.

To make sure we helped cool down all the fans that couldn’t join us, the fashion show was streamed live on our Facebook page  and Twitter users followed comments about the show using the hashtag #staycool. After the show, fans were treated to a massive staycool product giveaway and free ice cream treats as part of the cool down experience.

Although the second staycool fashion show was cancelled due to inclement weather, Tebow didn’t let the weather rain on the fans’ parade. As a substitute for the show, Jockey invited fans to join Tim Tebow at the Jockey store where he posed for photos at an intimate reception.

We’ve saved the best for last – pictures. Check out how we helped Florida #staycool. (Click images to enlarge)

Winners: Step right up

Our “Staycool at The ESPYs” contest is officially a wrap! Thank you to everyone that entered and shared the contest with family and friends. If you missed it, Jockey and its participating retailers, Bealls, Belks, Boscovs, Lord & Taylor and Navy Exchange, each offered one lucky fan (and a guest) an opportunity to attend THE red-carpet event of the sports world PLUS meet one of sports’ biggest stars. Each winner’s prize pack includes: 


Pretty sweet, eh? And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for … drumroll, please! The six lucky people heading to The ESPYs in July, courtesy of Jockey and its participating retailers are: 

  • Jockey: Jennifer H. of Nebraska
  • Bealls: Rebecca B. of Florida  
  • Belks: Traci R. of Georgia
  • Boscovs: Deanne B. of New Jersey
  • Lord & Taylor: Christina M. of Ohio
  • Navy Exchange: Henry S. of California


To all winners, CONGRATULATIONS! We’re excited and can’t wait to see you in Los Angeles. For all of our fans that didn’t win, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing. Follow us on Twitter (@Jockey) using hashtag #ESPYS to keep up with the night’s festivities, giveaways and more.

Until July, staycool, everyone. Seriously, it’s getting hot outside.

Tim Tebow photo curiosity

Tim Tebow

Some media outlets and bloggers are expressing curiosity about our recent use of an image of Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. Maybe you are, too, so we thought we’d set the record straight!

Jockey has a great relationship with our spokesman, Tim Tebow, and we’ll always feature Tim in a manner befitting who he is, and what we mutually agree on to be tasteful and appropriate.

As Tim was leading his team to the playoffs, Jockey had a campaign supporting Tim’s efforts, and the homepage image we used of Tim in the locker room wearing our Jockey SPORT collection (you can see the waistband) was meant to express a powerful, competitive tone and be topical. The photo nicely complemented the corresponding copy, “Playoffs. Tebow Time.” When Tim’s team was no longer in contention for the championship, we reformed the homepage copy to express “Thanks for showing us how to staycool this season” (Tim is the face of the Jockey® STAYCOOL collection), and changed the homepage photo to feature Tim wearing his favorite staycool t-shirt with timely, corresponding copy.

That’s it. Really. Sometimes the truth is far less interesting than imagination!

Look who’s shopping for new underwear!

New Year, new undies! Turns out, you might not be the only one following that rule of thumb. Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow, paid a visit to our Castle Rock, Colorado, Jockey outlet store to re-stock his drawers with some Jockey favorites. Thanks to our amazing store team, Elaine M. (left) and Candace C. (right), Tim walked out one happy shopper.

Any guesses at which Jockey styles Tim got?

Let’s celebrate!

Tim Tebow

Wow! What a football season for Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. From the amazing finishes to Tebow Time, we certainly went through our fair share of fresh Jockeys. While a loss Saturday vs. New England officially ended the Jockey $1 MILLION “Super” Challenge, we decided to celebrate Tebow’s great season with a special surprise for all of our awesome fans. To learn more, visit

As an underwear company, we want people to wear really cool underwear. So, we introduced Jockey staycool, innovative underwear for men and women that regulates skin temperature, helping to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. Since Tim Tebow joined the Jockey team, not only is he our coolest quarterback, but he also wears our coolest collection – Jockey staycool.

We bet you’re wondering, “Does Jockey staycool actually work?” Two words: Tebow Time. Admit, you had no idea underwear was the secret to Tim Tebow’s success. He also proved Jockey staycool is perfect in the winter, too. That’s right, it’s called skin temperature regulation designed to help keep you cool (and sweat free) under all your winter layers. Sounds a little like Tebow’s playoff performance against Pittsburgh, huh? See, we told you, it’s all in the underwear.

‘Till next Tebow Time, we want to know what your favorite Tim Tebow memory was from this season? Don’t forget to check out our special surprise for Tebow’s great season here  ——–>

Staycool, everyone.

Vote up Tebow fans!

With only a few days left until the big showdown between Denver and New England, we’re starting to search high and low for all the underpants we can find. With a win this Saturday, Tim Tebow and his team are one game from the title game. For all of our fans, that means a new, and FREE, pair of Jockeys could be in the very near future thanks to our $1 MILLION “Super” Challenge.

But, how exactly does Tebow and his team match up to the competition in New England? According to our recent survey of 1,000 people, more than half of respondents (54%) are rooting for Jockey spokesman, Tim Tebow. But, it’s not only what’s on the field that counts. As an underwear company, it’s only fitting we ask: Which of Saturday’s quarter-backsides would you rather see in his underwear, Tim or that guy in New England? Turns out more folks want to see the guy in New England in his skivvies than Tebow. We just don’t agree, so we’re calling for an offical re-vote. 

Who would you rather see in their unmetionables?

Loading ... Loading ...


Here are additional findings from the survey:

  • It’s Tebow Time: When asked who they were rooting for on Saturday, 54% of respondents to a Jockey poll said they’re rooting on Tebow.
  • Running the Table: The real question is; can Tebow take his team to the promise land? 57% believe Tebow has what it takes to WIN the big one in February. And forget the pundits: Tebow is a lock for the ladies’ vote with nearly three-quarters (65%) females believing he can go all the way this season.
  • First and Tim: Asked to choose which quarterback they’d rather meet in person, respondents gave Tebow the edge over Brady (51% versus 49%). But the ladies were slightly less divided – women were nearly 20% more likely than men to take Tim over Tom.
  • Let’s Get Physical: Can’t decide which quarterback you’d rather have as your personal trainer? You’re not alone. When asked which QB they would rather work out with, respondents were split 50/50.


Both America and Jockey are betting pro quarterback and Jockey spokesman Tim Tebow will win football’s championship game on February 5, 2012. If Tebow’s team brings home the trophy from Indianapolis, we have celebratory plans of our own. We’re giving away $1 MILLION worth of Jockey product to 40,000 people. Now you can see why we’re searching high and low for all the underpants we can find. Plus, one lucky fan will take home $15,000, in honor of Tebow’s number, of course.

Not signed up yet? Here’s the scoop on how to enter:

  • Make a purchase on between now and February 5 to automatically be entered to win
  • Enter without a purchase by registering at


Want to follow the Jockey $1 MILLION “Super” Challenge action? Check out our contest hashtag #IfTebowWins to stay up to date on all that is Tebow and Jockey. Even better, send a tweet to @Jockey telling us what YOU will do #IfTebowWins, and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a $100 Jockey gift card and an autographed Tim Tebow football!

Get those cheering voices ready, everyone!

#IfTebowWins, what will you do?

By now, most of us know what Tebow Time is and all that it stands for: exhilaration, magic, screaming, possible visits to the ER from excitement overload, etc. But, last night we witnessed a new phenomenon: Tebow Time meets overtime. When we released our exclusive ad in ESPN magazine this month, shown below, we had no doubt Tebow would make his first playoff apperance a wild one, but we didn’t know how literal our “change your Jockeys” message from the ad could be.

Tim Tebow

Aside from a date with New England in this week’s playoff match-up, there’s more reason to celebrate Tebow’s thrilling victory. We’re only three games away from boxing up our undies and delivering on the Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge — a fancy name for a $1 MILLION FREE Jockey product giveaway, plus a $15,000 grand prize for one lucky winner! If you haven’t signed up, get your piece of the action now >>>

When we created our contest hashtag, #IfTebowWins, fans had fun sharing how they’d celebrate Tim Tebow winning it all. Here’s some of the messages we’ve received:

  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wash everyone’s Jockey underwear.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll wear Jockey staycool everyday, even in the shower!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll swallow a live goldfish.”
  • “#IfTebowWins, Denver should retire #15!”
  • “#IfTebowWins, I’ll give myself a wedgie.”


Whether you believe Tebow can WIN it all or not, we want to know: #IfTebowWins, what will you do? We’re hooking up the most CREATIVE comment with a $100 Jockey gift card PLUS an autographed Tim Tebow football! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tag your submission with #IfTebowWins  -AND-
  2. Write us, send a photo or submit a video to our Facebook page or @Jockey Twitter handle


We’ll start this off: #IfTebowWins, we’ll give away $1 Million of FREE Jockey product & $15,000 to one lucky person!

Ready, set, GO! We’ll randomly choose one lucky winner before Saturday’s game!

It’s gotta be the underwear!

It’s Tebow time! If our spokesman, Tim Tebow, hasn’t given you a roller coaster ride of excitement this season, we’re adding  a little something to the mix – the Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge. While #15 continues delivering us “edge of the couch cushion” performances, we’re challenging ourselves to give the Tebow Nation and Jockey fans a little something extra to cheer about. How? If Tebow’s team wins the championship game, we’re celebrating with a fresh pair of Jockeys for A LOT of people!

HERE’S THE SCOOP: If Tebow’s team continues their hot streak and captures that hallowed trophy in Indianapolis, Jockey will celebrate with the fans, 40,000 to be exact, with $1 Million worth of product. The fun doesn’t stop there, one fan will score a $15,000 (it’s our favorite number!) grand prize!

We’re so excited about this, and we want to make sure you get your chance to get a piece of the action. You can enter the Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge online in two simple ways starting December 15, 2011:

  • All customers who make a purchase on will automatically be entered for a chance to win.


The contest will run until February 5, 2012, or for as long as Tebow and his teammates are still in the mix to win the big one.

In honor of Tebow’s incredible winning streak, we’re also giving our fans even more reason to root on our coolest quarterback. When Tebow & Denver win, all of our fans win, too! We’ll have special weekly football-related savings on all styles. To get in on the savings, all you need to do is check out each week to see what we’re up to!

To make sure you stay up-to-date on all things Jockey and Tebow, we’ve created the hashtag #IfTebowWins. Now, you’ll never miss a thing. Don’t be shy, tag your tweet with #IfTebowWins and tell us how you’d celebrate Tim Tebow and Denver winning the championship!

Excited? We are! Head over to our sweepstakes page and get signed up to get your piece of our Jockey $1 Million “Super” Challenge!

Enter now »

Go Tim Tebow!

Jockey stands behind Tim Tebow

There’s been a lot of chatter in the media lately about Jockey’s endorsement of Tim Tebow, and we felt it was important to be clear about our position on the matter.

Tim is an outstanding athlete with a very bright future. Certainly he’ll receive the most attention about his actions as a football player, but Jockey’s interest in him goes beyond football. He is dedicated to community service, and his work ethic, positive attitude and leadership skills are unquestionable. Jockey has always stood for quality and authenticity, and Tim delivers on those attributes, as well. Jockey brought Tim Tebow on as a spokesperson before he took his first professional snap and before he finalized his contract with an NFL team. We see something special in Tim. He’s a young man with talent, drive and heart who we believe will continue to impress on and off the field. Jockey stands behind Tim Tebow 100%.