Legendary Service: the best medicine

Ellen B., of Baton Rouge, felt so at ease with personal shopper Donna Greeno that she mentioned how apprehensive she was feeling about her husband’s upcoming hernia surgery.

“And then Donna told me that her husband had experienced the same kind of surgery,” Ellen recalls. “She really set my mind at ease about the recovery process, and by the time my order was placed, I felt so much better.”

But Ellen was absolutely shocked a few days later when she received a special basket of lotions, coffee and tea from Donna. “It goes beyond customer service,” Ellen says. “I don’t know what to call it. But I tell all my friends about it.”

LEGENDARY SERVICE … that scores another touchdown!

Justin P., of Gardendale, AL, is a big Tim Tebow fan. He loved the shirts he saw on the mannequins in the department stores, each emblazoned with “Tim’s Shirt Is Cooler Than Yours.” Unfortunately, the stores had none to distribute.

Justin decided to email Jockey. Not really expecting to get a t-shirt, or even a response, he had to at least try. He was going to Tim’s Foundation Benefit golf tournament, and desperately wanted to go wearing one of those shirts.

He was stunned when he got an email back from Tammy C. alerting him that his shirt was on the way. Once only a Tim Tebow fan, Justin is now a big Jockey fan as well!

LEGENDARY SERVICE … that scores a touchdown!

While shopping at Belks, Patrick R. of St. Vilonia, Ariz., saw a mannequin wearing a Jockey staycool v-neck t-shirt emblazoned with the words, “TIM’S SHIRT IS COOLER THAN YOURS.”  Immediately thinking of his friend also named Tim, he tried removing the shirt from the mannequin. The arms fell off. And then security showed up, gently explaining that the shirt wasn’t for sale.

 Then he called Jockey, and talked with personal shopper Kate S. who wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. There had to be a way to get one of those shirts for Patrick. And finally, she got one and sent it to Patrick.

 Not only did she create an absolute Jockey fanatic, she steered him away from a life of “crime” at Belks!

Legendary Service … for a “change”

Personal shopper Donna Greeno placed an order for Dave H. of Baldwin, MO.  After placing the order, she asked Dave if there was anything else she could do for him.  With a little reluctance, he asked if Donna could change the name that his Jockey catalog is addressed to because his wife just passed away.  Donna offered her sympathies, and after the phone call, she sent Dave a floral arrangement.

Dave was stunned.  “With so much nastiness all over these days, from what people post online to what they say to clerks in the stores, it’s nice to be reminded that kindness still exists.”

Legendary Service … in the strangest places

Between calls, personal shopper Kate Shockley was processing a stack of Jockey® Rewards “Account Change” forms when she noticed one from Lenora K., of Westland Mich.  Lenora wanted the account put in her name because her husband passed away.

With Lenora’s order, Kate sent her a special sympathy card, which deeply touched Lenora.  “Please tell Kate it makes me feel nice to know even though I have a Jockey® Rewards account number, Jockey® doesn’t think of me personally as a number.”

Legendary Service … that’s unbelievable!

While she was placing her order with personal shopper Sarah Opsahl, Doris L., of Parsons, Kansas, couldn’t say enough nice things about the Jockey® catalog she received in the mail.  As the call was ending, Doris explained why the catalog meant so much to her — she had an accident that prevented her from getting out of the house to go shopping.

 She just couldn’t believe it when her order arrived the next week, accompanied by a “Get Well” card from Sarah “and all her friends at Jockey.”  “I just couldn’t believe it,” says Doris, “that people at the Jockey Company would care about me.  I don’t know where else I could get service like that!”

Legendary Service… that celebrates the victory!

When Carolyn R. of Pennsylvania called personal shopper Donna Greeno to place an order, she had the most inspirational success story that Donna had ever heard.  Carolyn had been taking a wide variety of medication prescribed for her high blood pressure and diabetes.  Then, last July, Carolyn  joined a health club.  Now, not only is she feeling better than she has in year, Carolyn no longer needs to take her high blood pressure medication, and the diabetes medication dosage has decreased.

Carolyn said, “When I work out, I only wear Jockey gear.  I just love how they fit and feel.  I have 20 pounds to go and I will no longer be overweight.  The fun continues and I wanted to share this with you.  Jockey clothes are cool.  Tell everyone at Jockey I say thank you.”

To celebrate her victories, Donna sent Carolyn a special card and a new Jockey® activewear outfit.

Legendary Service: In the most unexpected places

Sue K. from Georgia called Jockey® personal shoppers to unsubscribe her late daughter from the Jockey® catalog mailing list.  When she began talking to Sue, Carmen Delacruz knew this was an opportunity to offer a consumer legendary service.  When Sue opened her daughter’s P.O box a few days later she found a card inside from Carmen expresssing her heart-felt sympthath.  She was overcoming and said, “What a special company Jockey must be!”

Legendary Service: A Get-Well Gift To Show We Care

Vickie A. of Florida was thrilled when she received our catalog in the mail.  Having been diagnosed with leukemia, she has been undergoing chemotherapy. Shopping our catalog for her Jockey® favorites was a nice diversion.  When Vickie called personal shopper, Donna Greeno, Vickie mentioned that among her usual favorites, she was also shopping for something specific: a pink mock-net shirt.  After placing Vickie’s Jockey® order , personal shopper Donna Greeno got busy and found just what Vickiehad been looking for online.  Donna sent the pink mock-neck to Vickie as a gift with a card that read, “I’m sorry we didn’t have this shirt at Jockey®, but I wanted to send it to you anyway as our special get-well gift to you.  It’s our way of saying we care about you and are looking forward to hearing from you when you’re back in the pink again.”