Introducing: Jockey® Rewards

You may be familiar with the Jockey Club®, a program that helped you earn points and save on your favorite Jockey® product.  Well, after having talked with many Jockey Club® members throughout the past year, we realized that we needed to make some changes. Your input was incredibly helpful, and we think you will LOVE our NEW customer loyalty program: Jockey® rewards.

 With Jockey® rewards it’s easier than ever to earn points on all your Jockey® purchases.  Plus get special offers and enjoy these member-only benefits when you sign up: 

• Receive a $10 reward certificate when you earn 100 points.
• Receive exclusive discounts and special bonuses throughout the year
• Get special birthday savings with a valid email when you give us your birth date
• Receive insider newsletters and advance notices
• Get access to our exclusive member website:

Plus, if you spend $200 during a calendar year, you will become a Jockey® rewards VIP member for the following year.  VIP status means that you get 10% off ALL your merchandise purchases and FREE standard ground shipping when you shop on®.

 Your loyalty means so much to us, and Jockey® rewards is our way of showing you how much we appreciate YOU.  Sign up now and start enjoying great deals!

We’re Celebrating the 10th Birthday of®!

10th Birthday PartyWe are celebrating the 10th birthday of®!  From September 24th until October 3rd, join in on our party and enjoy 10 days of great deals and lots of fun. Here’s how to join the party:

Sign up to receive emails from® and get in on great deals and special savings (for our birthday and future deals… holiday is quickly approaching!).

  1. Check out Jockey on YouTube to see how we’re celebrating around the office
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  3. Visit our exciting party page to stay up-to-date with all of our deals and view fun facts and see all of our “firsts”

Trust us; this is a birthday party you won’t want to miss!  Join in on the party now ».

Legendary Service: A Get-Well Gift To Show We Care

Vickie A. of Florida was thrilled when she received our catalog in the mail.  Having been diagnosed with leukemia, she has been undergoing chemotherapy. Shopping our catalog for her Jockey® favorites was a nice diversion.  When Vickie called personal shopper, Donna Greeno, Vickie mentioned that among her usual favorites, she was also shopping for something specific: a pink mock-net shirt.  After placing Vickie’s Jockey® order , personal shopper Donna Greeno got busy and found just what Vickiehad been looking for online.  Donna sent the pink mock-neck to Vickie as a gift with a card that read, “I’m sorry we didn’t have this shirt at Jockey®, but I wanted to send it to you anyway as our special get-well gift to you.  It’s our way of saying we care about you and are looking forward to hearing from you when you’re back in the pink again.”

Congrats to Stacey Kiefer on her Danskin win!

If you had the opportunity to see our “Real Athletes” campaign last January, then you probably remember Stacey Kiefer (read her bio). This summer, Stacey displayed her incredible athletic abilities when she not only completed, but WON the Danskin triathlon in Pleasant Prairie, WI on August 22, 2010. We caught up with Stacey to congratulate her on her accomplishment and to hear about her training, the race itself, and what’s in store for her next!

 Here’s what our favorite tri-athlete had to say:
Q: How long was your training for Danskin?
I train all year round for triathlons, but vary the intensities and amounts of time depending on the time of year. A typical summer week (the height of tri season), I train every day for a total of 11 to 13 hours a week.

Q: What type of training plan did you follow?
I have 2 coaches who are local, Jay & Willie LaBonne. They formerly owned a gym, but now focus their efforts on training just a handful of athletes.  My coaches provide a plan and workouts that I complete each week.

Q: What was your goal going into Danskin?
 My goal is always to be as close to the top (ie WIN!), as possible. Traditionally, the Danskin race, like most of the single distance women’s’ races, is very hard because the field is not broken up into different distances, like sprint, international, etc. Everyone is out there competing in the same event, and women of all categories (amateur, elite, pro) and distance specialties (Sprint, Olympic, Ironman) show up to race.

Q: Do you have a favorite pre-race meal?
Hmm…I don’t have a single thing that I must have before racing, but I usually enjoy pasta the night before and a bowl of cereal, a banana, a glass of FRS, and a GU (energy gel pack) the morning of a race.

Q: Is the swim still your strongest leg? How do you rate yourself in the bike and run?
Swimming is definitely my strength…and the part I enjoy the most! In the swim and run I am usually near the top of the field, but I sometimes have issues with alternating between having a good bike, but a not so great run or a not so great bike, but a good run. It’s really hard to get all 3 disciplines perfected.

Q: At what point in the race did you feel like the win was yours?
 Because I raced in the Elite wave for this race, I could see that I was ahead of everyone out of the swim. My goal was to just ride and run as hard as I could to hold the lead. I knew the girl who was in second place was a really fast runner, so in order to stay ahead of her I needed to make sure that I had a decent lead off the bike. Fast runners can really make for an exciting race as they creep up on the not so speedy. I have to say, it was fun to be out ahead and keep the lead. I felt like a little rabbit being chased, but the spectators cheering were so motivating!

Q: Who came out to cheer to you on?
 Several friends who I race with came to watch the race as well as a few relatives. Unfortunately, my husband was home babysitting our two children, so he couldn’t come…but normally he would.

Q: How have you dealt with training in the Wisconsin heat and humidity this summer?
I do most of my training between the hours of 4:30am and 6:15am so heat and humidity are usually not much of an issue. I did have a few weekend workout sessions that were pretty scorching, but I just made sure to take in plenty of fluids and usually took a cold bath after working out. I think the hottest race this year was the Chicago Triathlon Aug 29. By 11am it was in the 90s…and that was at the lake!

Q: What does winning this race mean to you?
Winning Danskin was definitely a cherry on the top of a sundae. It proved to me that all of the time and effort put into training all year round was worth it. Not just winning, but feeling really good the whole race made me feel like I finally taught my body and mind that I can really race hard and succeed.

Q: How does the Danskin victory rate with other “wins” in your swimming career?
Winning triathlons is much different than swimming wins. Triathlons are much longer than most swim events and draw many more competitors. Instead of racing against maybe 40 people in your age group (like swim events), you’re racing again hundreds…and thousands if you’re shooting for an overall award (in triathlon). Also, triathlon success requires training in swimming, biking, running, along with lifting weights and stretching. There is so much time that can be spent trying to cover all of the training for tris. I think the best part of winning triathlons is responding with the answer, “yes” when my daughter asks me if I won…and seeing her excited and proud reaction…and then her request to have the first place medal!

Q: How do you juggle work, family and training? Any tips for other workout moms out there?
Juggle…that’s the perfect word! Actually, my husband and I live very scheduled lives. Because my husband also trains (but for Ironman distance races), we follow an agreed-upon schedule in which we alternate who can leave the house (or go outside to run/ride) and who needs to stay home and workout in the basement, where we have bikes on trainers and a treadmill. My husband and I also work and drive to work together, so we often take the turns running or riding to or from work, while the other drops off/picks up the kids. Advice I would give to other workout moms is to get yourself on a schedule and stick with it. I’ve been on a workout schedule for years, knowing what I will do each day. It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard for me to take a day off now because I am addicted to working out!

Q: What’s next for you? 
Now that my tri race season is over, I plan on enjoying a little down time with my family and then moving right into trail running season and Masters Swim season. Hopefully I’ll squeeze a little vacation in too one of these days! A little fall camping trip would be fun.

Stacey, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview with us. It was so great to catch up with you and hear about the details of your victory! You have a huge fan base here at Jockey®. Good luck with your trail running and Masters swim season. Be sure to keep us in the loop. GO Stacey!

Our September 2010 catalog is coming soon! Are you on the list?

Have you pulled out your fall wardrobe, only to find that it’s a little….drab?  Freshen it up with new styles, fall colors, online exclusives and all your Jockey® favorites- available in our September catalog!  If you’re not on our mailing list, you can request a catalog right now.  You won’t want to miss out on these new arrivals!

Here’s a look at what’s on the way:

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Support Jockey Being Family® this September

In 2005, we launched “Jockey Being family®,” a program that aims to help support post-adoption services.  Since then, Jockey® has given nearly $2 million through the Jockey Being Family® program in support of adoptive families.  Throughout the month of September, you have the opportunity to help bring comfort to these families and help us create a more adoption-friendly world!

Here’s how you can help:
You can donate at any Jockey® retail outlet store (find your nearest store).  You can choose to donate $1 at the time of checkout or with the purchase of a Jockey Being Family® Bear for $8.50, Jockey will donate $3 to the Debra Steigerwalt Waller Foundation for Adoption.  When you donate at any of our Jockey® stores, you will also receive a 15% OFF coupon for your next in-store purchase!

Thank you in advance for your support in our mission to help bring comfort to adoptive families!

New Feature: Style Finders

Sometimes identifying your favorite style of underwear or t-shirts can be tricky. You can probably describe the look and fit really well, “they’re blue and lacey, smooth, they fall a little bit below my belly button, and they’re a little bit cheeky.” But the minute someone asks you whether you wear Bikinis, French Cut, Hipsters or Boyshorts, you are at a loss. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

When you shop on® you will now notice a new feature that can help you solve your undie woes. Our men’s and women’s “Underwear Style Finder” lists all of our Jockey® underwear styles available and offers a roll-over feature that provides a general description of each fit. You’ll be able to determine exactly what style you are looking for and shop within that category.

We also have a new “men’s t-shirt style finder” to help you more easily find what you’re looking for. Whether you want a crew neck or v-neck, an a-shirt or long sleeve, athletic, casual or big & tall tees, finding your favorite shirt will be a breeze.

Shop on and see for yourself how much easier we’ve made underwear shopping for you.

Legendary Service: It’s “Unbelievable”

John B. of Westchester, Illinois, was having a hard time figuring out which Jockey® boxers to buy. His wife, who just passed away, used to handle all that for him. When personal shopper Laura Otter heard this, she offered her heart-felt condolences.

Laura then sent John some samples to try, along with a special condolence card. John just couldn’t believe it. “I didn’t get treated like a customer,” he says. “I got treated like a member of the family! It’s just unbelievable.”

John really is a believer and he’s out to make believers of the people around him who don’t know “what a fabulous company Jockey® is.”

Fall is in the air: Get the essentials!

The days of summer are quickly coming to an end, and the crisp fall air is starting to blow in.  Don’t fret over what to wear!  We have 5 great ways to keep you comfy, stylish and warm this season!

 Our 5 fall essentials (straight from our lookbook ):

1. Thermals
 Layer up and keep warm with long sleeve thermal henleys, crew and v-neck style long sleeve tops and long Johns.  Fashionable colors and prints make our men’s and women’s thermal styles a fall must-have.

 2. Sleepwear
Shorter days mean more time in your PJ’s!  Get a restful night’s sleep in our new selection of women’s sleepwear bottoms, tops and sleep shirts

3. Sportswear
Mild-weather workouts will be a blast with our men’s and women’s activewear styles!  Gear up with active tanks, tees, bottoms, hoodies and more!

4. Socks & hosiery
Treat your feet right and add fashion to your fall wardrobe.  Guys, step up your look with our selection of athletic, casual, and dress socks.  Ladies, add fashion to your feet with colorful hosiery styles or get comfy in any of our other women’s sock styles

5. Layering Pieces
Take your favorite Jockey® layering pieces from summer to fall.  Create a trendy fall with our men’s and women’s tanks and tees.  Pair them up with a Jockey® hoodies, jacket or stylish top for the perfect fall look.

Do you have any other fall essentials?  We’d love to hear!  Shop all of our fall styles, or any of your other Jockey® favorites!

We have our Jockey® Classic Giveaway WINNER!

Our Jockey® Classic Giveaway has officially come to an end.  Today, August 18, 2010, was the grand finale of it all!  Mo, our favorite PR guy, made his way down to Lake Forrest, Arkansas to award Brenda Fort with her 1964 ½ Classic Ford Mustang convertible prize!  Her entire family got to join in on the fun.  Check out the exclusive photos of the surprise:

Thanks to everyone for signing up, following along and joining on all the fun of the Jockey® Classic Road Trip!  It wouldn’t have been the same with out you.  Congratulations, Brenda, on your new classic ride!