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Pack Lightly With Jockey!

A couple weeks ago, as I was packing for a trip to the U.P for my friend’s wedding shower, I realized how frustrating preparing for summer trips can be.  I hastily shoved my shirts, shorts, underwear and shoes in every empty crevice I could find in my already over-stuffed duffel bag.  I thought I had done a pretty good job of packing light- just one (rather enormous and bulging) bag for ALL my clothes and a separate smaller bag for all of my toiletries, plus my purse (but that doesn’t really count).  When my friend and her fiancé arrived to pick me up, their jaws about hit the floor as I stagger-stepped out of my apartment trying to carry all my “necessary stuff.”  “We both packed in one suitcase!” she said as we tried to jam my bags into the back of her car.

I figure I can’t be the ONLY one out there who packs too much.  Extra socks (in case my feet get wet), a few long sleeve tops (what if it’s cold at night?), a number of black shoes (I might not want to wear heels out!), and plenty of shirts (I don’t know if I like this shirt with these shorts!).

Saving space in your bags can be a heck of a lot easier when you bring items that can be worn more than once, or are easy enough to dress up or dress down.  Here’s how to start packing lighter this summer with a few of your favorite Jockey® items!

-Sami Seagren,

Ladies, here are your styles:

1.  No Panty Line Promise® Underwear
You don’t have to pack your whole underwear drawer so you have the  “right pair of undies” for underneath every outfit!  The ultra-light, sleek and soft fabrics of our No Panty Line Promise® undies are perfect for summer.  Plus the unique seams keep them invisible underneath everything- they’ll be the perfect panties for any outfit!

2.  Capris
Our women’s capris are multi-purpose, so you don’t have to change three times a day to feel comfortable and look great!  Our capris are light and breathable and trendy so you can wear them out on your day trips.  They are comfortable enough to sleep and lounge in.  You can probably save a TON of space in your suitcase by packing your favorite Jockey® capris.

3.  Classic Lace Tank
Now there’s no excuse for taking your whole wardrobe of tops.  Our classic lace tank is perfect!  The pretty lace trim around the neckline and the wide assortment of colors make this tank easy to dress up. Now that you have more room, pair it with your favorite accessories.  And the comfort of cotton with the stretch of the ribbed knit makes it comfortable enough to dress down.  Match it up with a pair of our capris and you’re set!

4.  Activewear Jacket
Summer evenings can get cool.  Instead of filling your suitcases with long sleeve tops that you may not even wear, save room and pack one of our activewear jackets or hoodies.  All of our styles offer a flattering, feminine fit in a number of colors and fabrications.  They will be perfect for late night walks or sitting around a bonfire.

5.  Sleep Chemise
Rest comfortably on your summer trips in a Jockey® sleep chemise.  They are ultra light and comfortable, perfect for warmer temps.  Plus, they are easy to pack and will save some space since you won’t have to pack shorts and tees to sleep in every night.

Guys, here’s what you need:

1.  Jockey® Form
Our men’s Form collection is made of a lightweight and smooth microfiber fabrication, so it’s perfect for warm weather.  Plus, the quick-dry feature makes washing and drying on-the-go easy and fast.  You can pack a few pieces, wash them and re-wear them to save some room in your suitcase.

2.  Swim Trunks
Jockey® swim trunks are the must-have summer piece! You only need to pack one pair because they dry easily overnight.  Sport them at the beach or pool by day, and then throw on a t-shirt for a casual lunch (skip packing a few pairs of shorts).

3.  Classic T-shirts
The 100% cool, cotton t-shirt!  These are another space-saver because they are so multi-purpose. The perfect foundation as an undershirt or wear solo for a laid-back, casual style.  Packing made simple with our convenient t-shirt multi-packs!

4.  3D-Innovations® collection
Sometimes your getaway calls for upgraded style. The 8-way stretch of our 3D-Innovations® collection provides a move-with-you design, plus the fabric is soft and contours to your body for comfort.  The assortment of rich colors offer upscale fashion and the stay-tucked fit will make for a distraction-free vacation.

5.  Performance T-shirt
Our Performance T-shirt is the perfect travel top. It offers moisture-wicking technology that dries quickly to help you stay cool. If you’re trying to get in a weekend workout or just cruising around, this tee will keep you feeling great! Mixing and matching is made easy with our huge selection of bold colors.

Do you have other “packing light” tips?  We’d love to hear them!