Recyclable undies? Too good to be true!

Ok. We’ll admit. The recyclable undies we were flaunting around on April 1 aren’t real. Total bummer, we know. In case you missed it, we created a fake collection of men’s and women’s disposable undies known as the Jockey Brief Brief. Crafted with a sophisticated, yet sleek design, our Brief Brief was manufactured from 100% recycled paper to offer the ultimate on-the-go convenience – you could toss them in the garbage when you were finished. We hope everyone enjoyed the video and laughed as much as we did.

Here are some outtakes from the making of our April Fool’s Day Jockey Brief Brief video.

The Jockey Brief Brief – The Indispensable Disposable Brief

Through 136 years of making underpants, we’d like to think we’re experts. From the introduction of the world’s first-ever brief style to our revolutionary No Panty Line Promise and Jockey staycool collections, we’ve discovered the most innovative ways to cover your butts. But, more importantly, our underwear wisdom has taught us that every wearer has a specific need or desire.

Recently, there’s been a strong demand from our customers for a convenience based underwear style. And by convenience, we mean disposable (when it comes to undies, we don’t joke). To accommodate this demand, we introduced The Jockey Brief Brief on April 1. Like every Jockey style, we’re striving to fulfill our commitment to satisfy the human need for comfort; even if that’s paper underwear you can flush down the toilet.

Crafted with a sophisticated, yet sleek design, our NEW Jockey Brief Brief is manufactured from 100% recycled paper to offer the ultimate on-the-go convenience – you can toss it in the garbage when you’re done. Plus, with a no-fly construction and an ultra-smooth, plush back waistband, you‘ll enjoy signature Jockey comfort AND style.

To learn about the inspiration and hear customer testimonials on The Jockey Brief Brief, watch our exclusive video below.

 We’d love to hear, would you wear the Jockey Brief Brief? Tell us in a comment below.

Ditch those layers!

Do your winter layers have you looking like the main character from “A Christmas Story?”  If so, your layering-up routine is all wrong.  If you can’t picture our favorite holiday-movie character, imagine wearing every piece of clothing you own at one time. Now are we on the same page? We’ve got the perfect solution to keep your wearisome winter wardrobe from getting too uncomfortable (& sweaty!).

Thanks to our new Jockey men’s and women’s staycool collections, getting ready to brave the cold doesn’t have to be such a struggle. “Why,” you ask? The simple answer is: Thermocules. Don’t worry, they’re not as scary as they sound.

The technology in Jockey staycool was originally developed for astronauts – making your underwear so cool it’s out of this world! More importantly, the proven technology helps regulate your skin  temperature so you feel cooler more and more comfortable all day, every day… all year long.

The recent findings conudcted byMarketing Research Company – Kelton Research – has us convinced that Jockey staycool is the perfect piece to layer underneath any wardrobe.  Here’s what they’ve discovered:
What do you think? Have you been layering up a sweat all this time?

To help share why Jockey staycool is the essential layering piece for your winter wardrobe, we turned to our friends from iwearyourshirt. Jockey is an official sponsor of and we work with them to giveaway and share really awesome Jockey products (like staycool). Plus, they make entertaining videos and do a really great job wearing our t-shirts!

Recently, they got their hands on some staycool and made videos to share why Jockey staycool is the smart way to layer up this winter. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we do. When you’re finished, be sure to check out our men’s and women’s Jockey staycool styles on!

Staycool, everyone!