Support for any Sport – Sports Bras: Are you wearing the right sports bra?

In the never-ending sea of sports bras, it can be tricky to tell if you are buying (or wearing) the right one for your workout and body type. To further complicate matters, there are so many (so many) amazing designs, styles and colors, which makes choosing the right sports bra all the more exciting (and challenging)!

Want to get a head start in finding the best one for you? Start with the impact or support level. Getting ample support for your sport is imperative, which is why Jockey offers a wide spectrum ranging from light to high impact.

An added bonus? All of Jockey’s medium and high impact designs are made of wicking fabric to draw moisture away from your skin, leaving you cooler, drier and more comfortable.

So, without further ado, let’s talk support.

sq-J-2195-YogaAthlesiure-LDS-v2.jpg Low Impact

As the name implies, you don’t get too much support with these types of bras. Jockey offers Sporties and Modern Microfiber bralettes that are incredibly comfy and super soft, but they don’t help the girls out much.

They’re perfect to wear when you’re out and about, heading to coffee dates or playdates—a go-to bra for running errands, not 5Ks!

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Medium Impact

This level of support is great for workouts that pack a punch, but aren’t overly intense. Exercises like biking, hiking and Pilates are great examples. Medium impact bras are also an ideal choice if your bust size ranges from small to medium.

Extra perk? Many of Jockey’s medium-impact styles have adjustable straps so you can get a customized fit and more/less support depending on your needs.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.43.16 AM.png


High Impactcrop zip.jpg

Love to run? Cardio your thing? If your workout involves moving back and forth and side to side, you need the maximum level of support. Wearing a high-impact bra will reduce shoulder and back pain, and enhance overall comfort.

High-impact sports bras are also essential if you’re bigger-busted—sports bras that lack support can cause stretch marks or sagging over time. Yikes!

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Cup Comfort

Another key thing to look for when sports bra shopping? Separate cups. Choosing a bra with two cups helps prevent compressing and smooshing your breasts against the breast wall (ouch!). Hint, hint: Separate cups also provide better, more natural shaping, which is much more flattering than the dreaded uniboob.

In short, by getting with the right support you need, you’ll be able to choose a sports bra that gives you the comfort you need and style you want.


Jockey Sports Bras are 3 for $75, so you can get the right support for all your different workouts.

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Source: Jockey