Many of you made October a great month for stocking up on bras – not just for you but for women in need. It was all part of the Jockey® Bra Donation event, in partnership with the H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation. For each bra sold during the month, one was donated, courtesy of Jockey.

Almost 13,000 bras were donated as a direct result of October sales. We got the word out in store and in social media, using the #GiveJockeyBra hashtag.

Our stores were great, engaging each other in friendly competitions to see which one could get the most bras donated. The winning stores were even able to send Jockey® Bras to a charity of their choice.

The best was yet to come. On Dec. 5 we participated in “Christmas with a Cause” in Phoenix, AZ. This is an event where individuals and families in need receive credit to shop in a mall-type atmosphere that includes clothing stores, soaps and other hygiene products, gifts and even a gift-wrapping station. The event was organized and funded solely through donations and various charities’ contributions, which gave it a very personal feel.IMG_6095

At the Jockey® Bra fitting booth, the best part was seeing the look on someone’s face when she was handed not one, but three or four bras to take just for her. There were countless examples of women who were brought to tears when given bras because they never owned a bra that matched their own specific size. We donated 1,000 bras and had the opportunity to fit hundreds of women in order to get them the right bras for better comfort and a more confident look.

Some women in need only owned the bra they were wearing to the event, which was given to them. One woman in particular, hadn’t worn a bra in many years because she just couldn’t spend the money on one. She was so happy, she walked out of the fitting room wearing a brand new bra with a smile. The number of hugs, tears and “thank-yous” was overwhelming. You can see more from “Christmas with a Cause” on our Instagram page.

And that’s just the beginning. We look forward to donating to many more events in 2016 to give back and support deserving women in need.


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