Street Chic


While you can’t put your lined parkas away yet, you can always be ready for anything with a “Street Chic” look. And who better to turn to for this advice than the amazing team over at The Zoe Report.  They have us covered for the must-have pieces to rock this look.122413_ZoeBlog_streetchic

Starting with what to wear on our feet, we are so thrilled boots are such a staple of street wear this year. Right now, we love a neutral black or brown boot so the rest of your outfit can do the talking. Paired with a dress in a ladylike silhouette you will look both feminine and cool.

And since we just simply adore the patterns and colors of the season, why would we ever let our panties be drearily boring? The Jockey Lacy Dot String Bikini is the perfect amount of flirty and fun. The front of this glam silhouette provides a flawless amount of moderate coverage and the amazing cheeky fit in the back gives our derrière the divine look it deserves. Oh, and did we mention they’re comfortable too?

To top off the list of reasons why we find this look so endearing, just toss on any of the season’s fabulous patterns and you’ll effortlessly complete this look. Who knew street chic could be so simple?


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