Why Cotton is Spring’s Freshest Fabric: The Four Cs of Cotton

It’s no surprise that cotton is one of the most beloved fabrics of all time. It’s comfortable, versatile and timeless. Cotton has been sought after for textiles since the 1500s and is still a favorite around the world.

Here’s our top “Cs” for why we nominate cotton as spring’s freshest fabric.

1. Care1702-hero-staycool-640x580.jpg

Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to care for. You can wash it, dry it, fluff it, iron it… you name it! But, there are a few key ways to keep your cotton faves in mint condition:


  • Wash like colors together to prevent dark colors from bleeding onto lighter ones.
  • Use a cold-water setting for color retention and shrink prevention.
  • Remove from the dryer when damp to avoid wrinkling and shrinking.

Did you know? Many Jockey® men’s products—including Essential Fit Staycool+™ and Jockey Classics are 100% cotton and feature StayNew® Technology, which helps keep whites whiter and brights brighter, wash after wash. How great is that?

2. Color

Love a little (or maybe a lot) of color in your wardrobe? We do, too. In fact, our new 100% cotton sleepwear is absolutely dreamy and full of color—you should definitely go take a peek. To help keep your colors bright, turn clothes inside out in the wash. This stops fabrics from rubbing together, which can create fuzz that takes the color right out of clothes.

Keep your pinks pretty, your blues bold and your yellows bright… just as they should be!

3. Comfort

Cotton is soft, natural and breathable—basically everything you want in a fabric. The soft feel provides everlasting comfort and only gets better with washing, while the purity of the fabric helps prevent irritation on your skin. The breathability is due to the porous nature of the fabric, which allows for that extra bit of airflow we all love.Cotton Fusion Slipshort.png

All of this (and more) makes cotton an ideal choice for underwear since it’s right next to your skin. Our newest Cotton Fusion Skimmies® slipshort “fuses” soft cotton on the inside for natural comfort with smooth microfiber on the outside to glide against your clothes. It’s the best of both worlds!

4. Confidence

Because cotton is so versatile, it gives wearers the comfort and confidence to express their individuality and personality through their clothing choices. Whether it’s your favorite jeans, that button-down you love or your comfiest underwear, cotton is everywhere. And, we love it.

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