Snow Queen


Though the weather outside is frightful, our friends at The Zoe Report remind us that our wardrobe should still always be delightful! 122413_ZoeBlog_SnowQueen

Come winter, finding a chic outfit that keeps our inner fashionista happy (and warm) can be a tricky feat. Cute knits have long been one of our all-time fave winter staples and so we figured, why not try it on for size…as a dress!! Who knew sweaters could be so glamorous? And to make it even better, pair with our favorite go-to Jockey Skimmies® Slipshorts underneath. These sleek slipshorts don’t just accentuate your fabulous figure, but also keep away the oh-so dreaded panty line. Whatever the occasion, this flirtatiously fun outfit will absolutely make you look as confident as you feel.

Going somewhere? Match this duo with a pair of over-the-knee boots and you will reign supreme as the queen of winter. Looking fabulous while staying cozy has never been so easy, we promise! Take a look in the mirror and realize comfort has never looked so glam!


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