Meet Michael Cottone, an adoptive father

 “I wanted to be a father to teach the life lessons I’ve learned…to guide him on the right path.”

Quick Facts

Who: Michael Cottone

Age: 33 years old

Family: wife Brigit, baby Vincent and the family dogs

Passions & Hobbies: Lacrosse (former collegiate player), volunteering at the local animal shelters and firehouse

Inspiring Quote: “I’ve never seen a storm that hasn’t passed. There’s always going to be bad days but the next day is going to come and it could be brighter. You weather the storm and stay strong”.

Michael’s Story

When life didn’t go as planned, Michael and his wife decided to look into adoption. Now they are the proud parents of Vincent, a 5 month old, healthy baby boy. For Michael, everything changed in an instant. “It’s not just me anymore. Everything’s changed. Every action, every thought, every breath is about Vincent.”

Michael opens up and shares “what’s underneath” in the new Jockey campaign as he discovers “his greatest purpose” – being a father. Michael’s story is particularly close to our heart at Jockey, as we support adoptive families around the country through our initiative, Jockey Being Family.

Watch Michael’s Story:

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