After the past several months of hard work, deliberation and tenacity here at Jockey, we are beyond pleased to announce the launch of our new brand campaign: Show ’Em What’s Underneath. It celebrates the spirit of individuality, encouraging all people to be comfortable with themselves, imperfections and all. We have been inspired by the hidden talents, gifts and secrets that differentiate people from one another, and have chosen three everyday heroes to show us – literally and figuratively – “what’s underneath”. With this campaign, we encourage you to be comfortable expressing your true, authentic, unfiltered self.

Although they’re everyday people, the three we chose are nothing short of extraordinary; they embody the spirit and values of our brand, each sharing a powerful story about what’s within them that makes them so unique. We chose Chris Van Etten, a U.S. Marine veteran who shows us that perseverance always wins; Lisa Cusimano, a firefighter who defines courage as serving something greater than yourself; and Michael Cottone, an adoptive father who exemplifies the gift of family. Through exposing the depth of these inspiring stories, our hope is that you will feel encouraged to share what makes you authentic and distinctive, motivating others to do the same.

Look out for us at the newsstand — the Show ’Em What’s Underneath Campaign will be supported by national print ads in People, Glamour, Allure, Self, Shape, Men’s Health, GQ, Outside and ESPN. You can also find us online with digital ads and video, as well as an extensive social media program. Follow @Jockey on Twitter and Instagram to participate in the conversation with #ShowEm.

So go ahead…show ’em the true you. Show ’em what’s underneath. #ShowEm your Jockey.

Meet our three everyday heroes and learn more about their stories:

Chris Van Etten

 U.S. Marine Veteran

 “Perseverance is when you keep going despite what gets thrown at you.”

Learn more about Chris’s story >

Lisa Cumisano



“Yes, I am a woman in a man’s field, so not everything is going to be easy. You have to have a strong head about it.”

 Learn more about Lisa’s story >





Michael Cottone

Adoptive Father

“I wanted to be a father to teach the life lessons I’ve learned…
The things that I did wrong, to guide him on the right path.”





Author: Jockey
Source: Jockey
  1. Awesome campaign. What a wonderful why to show appreciation to our veterans, fire fighters, adoptive parents. Needed to include our people “in blue”.

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