Meet Lisa Cusimano, a Firefighter

“Yes, I am a woman in a man’s field so not everything is going to be easy, you have to have a strong head about it.”

Quick Facts

Who: Lisa Cusimano

Age: 22

Profession:  Firefighter

Family: Father (retired firefighter), 2 older brothers (currently serve in profession)

Passions: Reading, education and baking

Inspiring Quote: “Sometimes you need to get dragged through the worst possible thing to have the best thing come about”.

Lisa’s Story

After graduating college, Lisa decided she wanted to be a firefighter – a decision that would undoubtedly put her on an arduous path. But Lisa welcomed the challenge, “going through the academy was a big hurdle that I had to overcome – not only being a female in this occupation, but a female of my size and stature.” Lisa succeed and joined her father and two brothers in becoming a firefighter and first responder. “I love that people turn to us in their times of crisis. It’s really taught me to put others first.” Lisa shares “what’s underneath” in the new Jockey campaign – determination, with a side of really great dance moves.


Watch Lisa’s Story

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Source: Jockey