Hi there everyone! I’m a web content specialist at Jockey®, but some people call me the “Jockey® words girl.” I get to whip up copy for e-mail campaigns, catalogs and the Jockey.com® website. I make sure you all get in on all of our best deals and know about our newest styles and colors.

This summer, I had the opportunity to not only write about my Jockey® favorites, but “model” them as well. It was a great time, except for the fact that I get really awkward and uncomfortable as soon as someone puts a camera in my face. Even though I think I should probably stick to my day job, I am super excited to show off my top picks.

I’m a summer girl, but this year it has been H-O-T! It’s been my goal to “keep my cool” all day. Impossible, right? Nope! The new Jockey® staycool tee helps to keep me up to 3 degrees cooler. Plus, the fit is GREAT! And, did I mention that it is reversible? You can wear the Jockey® staycool tee as a crew neck or a v-neck, depending on the look you want to create.

Want to see my favorite staycool looks? Check out my summer e-mail »

Other Jockey® styles that I’m loving this summer:

  1. The Jockey® Sport relaxed pant. It is so comfortable! Plus, it’s available in short, medium and long lengths. (Perfect for me since I’m just 5’2”).
  2. No Panty Line Promise® Thong. I have bigger things to worry about than panty lines.
  3. Naturals bikini. This style is awesome. The material is super soft, and I love the wide waistband. Cute and comfy all in one.
  4. Elance Supersoft cami. I love layering camis under my favorite tees or just for lounging around the house. The fabric is light and soft. Plus, I love the longer length. (no tugging or pulling!)

Thanks for reading and staycool!


  1. hi there the promise line is amazing. I have tryed alot of different. Underwear. But have found none as good as the jockey. Promise line thong. Bikini an just got bought a pair of the string bikini. An also going to try the lace bikini an lace thong as well. Justin from oregon.

  2. Hi there the promise line string bikini as well as lace thong an lace bikini are suppose to be good underwear. I have been trying to find a product that is not cotton. An buy often from jockey. Wish they came in more colors just like mesh boxers as well.

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