As I was listening to the radio this morning, I heard the DJ’s talking about the Wisconsin State Fair.  It took me back to my swine-showing days (pig tails, boots, overalls…the whole shebang).  I always LOVED the fair: the food, the animals and, of course, the people watching.  Everything about it was great …well, almost everything.  Fair-season also meant that school was just around the corner.  My days would no longer consist of sleeping in, heading to the beach and hanging out with friends.  It was back to the classroom, loads of homework, study sessions, and sports practices.

Once I got back into the school routine, I never minded getting up and going to class.  Plus, being social was my favorite daily subject (I always got an A+!)  There was always one really stressful part about going back to school, though—back to school shopping! Backpacks, folders, pencils, notebooks and, most importantly, new clothes!  If you’re anything like me, it would have been awesome to have a personal shopper; someone that could find all the best deals, latest trends and comfortable clothes.  Well, this school year, you’re in luck! Jockey® can help knock out some of that school supply checklist, check out our back-to-school checklist and you’re sure to be at the top of your class.

Ladies’ School Supplies:
1. First, get the tools you need to succeed everyday
Stock up on new socks, fashion hosiery, trendy tanks and your favorite underwear styles.

2. Then, get geared up for gym class
We’ll have you ready for any challenge (dodge ball, volleyball, running, weightlifting…you name it!) with supportive sports bras, move-with you activewear bottoms and trendy activewear tops

3. Lastly, schedule a recess
 After a long day of class (or maybe in your world laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning), take time for yourself!  Slip into any of our soft sleep bottoms, lightweight sleep tops or fashionable sleep shirts and chemises.  You’ll sleep sound and wake up ready to take on your day.

Guys’ School Supplies:
1. Start your day with the basics
Get your favorite t-shirt and underwear styles to have you feeling great and ready to take on any test.

2. Then, show the coach your head is in the game
Gear up with Jockey® sportswear so you can perform your best.  Breathable and moisture wicking fabrics will help you keep you cool (so you can be the star!). 

3. Finish your work in comfortable Jockey® style
Sometimes your day doesn’t end after the last bell rings.  While you’re doing your homework, kick-back with a relaxed t-shirt, a cozy pair of sleep pants or a lightweight pair of boxers.

Our back-to-school supply list isn’t too demanding, but it’ll sure put a hop in your step every day!


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