JOCKEY bra on TODAY Show

Watch our JOCKEY bra segment on TODAY Show as Jockey’s very own Director of Women’s Design, Miryha, joins the TODAY Show set to talk through the fitting process, what makes the JOCKEY bra a solution for women and why it solves everything you hate about bras and bra shopping.

For more information on the JOCKEY bra and Fit Kit, visit our website and see why we say it’ll be Love at First Fit. Guaranteed.

7 thoughts on “JOCKEY bra on TODAY Show

  1. You are really doing women a misjustice by claiming a custom fit. You have limited sizes and don’t take in account so many factors. If someone truly wants the rib cage, cup and body type to be fit exactly they need to go to a Professional Certifed Bra Fitter and I’m not talking about the department store bras or Vicky’s. The majority of bras out there do not support a breast properly and soon strech out and become a boulder holder.

  2. I have been a custom fitter for 24 years and never seen a worst scenario for a proper fitted bra…and on TV besides!…only reason it was there is because they paid for an ad!!

  3. Hi LG. Thanks for the comment. When you purchase a Fit Kit, the cost of it will be applied to your first JOCKEY bra purchase. Additionally, the Fit Kit is fully refundable. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at We’re happy to help. Thank you — Ryan

  4. I just got my fit kit and this is a suggestion to please make the new bras in a 28 band size (normally a 30 in other brands). I usually buy Chantelle & Simone Perele bras so I can get the right band size, so I am definitely willing to pay for the right fitting bra. Thank you!

  5. Bravo Jockey! Great news about your research and development on bra sizing. Keep up the quality work.

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