With the holidays nipping at our heels, we’re quickly approaching that time of year when family becomes the focus of events and gatherings. While some children are dreaming of presents and hoping for the latest toys, many kids around the country are simply wishing for a family for the holidays.

November is National Adoption Month, a month dedicated to bringing attention not only to adoption issues, but also to the children in the foster system seeking a forever home. National Adoption Month focuses on raising the public awareness of the struggles these children face and also recognizing and celebrating the families that have adopted children into their homes.


Source: AFCARS Report

Thousands of children in the U.S. wait each day for a family to adopt them and provide them with a home and the hope of a brighter future. However, even with the tens of thousands of adoptions that occur each year, portions of these children find themselves back in the system through failed adoptions.

To adoption agencies and to Jockey International Inc., these failed adoptions are not acceptable, as we believe every child deserves a safe, comfortable home and a family to call their own.

JBF_final logo_portraitJockey’s focus is not just on our No Panty Line Promise® underwear and men’s pouch boxer briefs. Beyond our business, we also place a strong focus on family and giving back to the community. Adoption is not just a topic Jockey talks about once a year; we believe in taking action to support agencies and programs for adoptees and their adoptive parents year-round. That’s why our corporate initiative is to support the Jockey Being Family Foundation, Ltd. (“Jockey Being Family”) and its commitment to helping adoptive families stay together – forever.

Jockey Being Family provides support, information and resources for families after they have adopted. Choosing to bring a child into the family can be an easy decision. However, the process of raising them and giving them the care they need once the adoption is finalized is more successful through continuous support and encouragement.

JBF bearJockey Being Family was founded in 2005 and has since donated more than $5.5 million to nonprofit adoption organizations. Through the Jockey Being Family® Backpack Program, over 12,000 backpacks have been given out to adoptive families throughout the U.S., which provides adoptees a ‘welcome home’ care package of toys, blankets, music, and a teddy bear to call their own. Jockey believes in the power of an action-based organization and even our own employees have volunteered over 8,000 hours to Jockey Being Family. As a result of this hard work and the support of our customers, Jockey Being Family has helped over 300,000 families build their forever homes.

Visit Jockey.com/JBF to learn more about Jockey’s campaigns to support National Adoption Month.

Want to join Jockey in helping adoptive families remain strong? Here’s how you can help us celebrate National Adoption Month:

  • Spread the word about post adoption. To learn more about post adoption and Jockey Being Family, visit JockeyBeingFamily.com.
  • Buy a Jockey Being Family® bear so Jockey can donate a bear and put your money to good use through the Jockey Being Family® Backpack Program. For every Jockey Being Family® bear purchased by a customer, Jockey will donate a bear to the Jockey Being Family® Backpack Program and 100% of sales.
  • Donate to the cause at checkout in any Jockey store or online at Jockey.com.

Source: AFCARS Report

As the holidays approach, we can all agree that every child deserves the love of a forever home. We hope that National Adoption Month celebrations, as well as the efforts of Jockey Being Family, can continue to shed light on adoption and the importance of post-adoption services.


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