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Let it snow


We live in the Midwest! We LOVE snow. Besides driving in it and freezing our tails off, the snow is truly such an enjoyable and anticipated part of the holidays and winter season. The snow brings with it so many joyful activities we look forward to every year: sledding hills full of children and laughter, snowmen and snow angels popping up in every neighborhood, winter walks on peaceful nights, and there is just something extra special about getting all cozy by the fireplace as those snowflakes fall. You can bet that when that first snowfall arrives, we’ll be layering up in our Jockey® waffles, long underwear, mitts and scarves… and heading out to play. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Here’s what some Jockey® employees are looking forward to the most:

  • Building a snowman and watching our dog jump up and eat the carrot nose – Stephanie C.
  • Making snow angels – Megan C.
  • Sledding – Janet F.
  • Does sitting inside by the fireplace count? (YES it does Joanne!) – Joanne R.
  • A classic snowball fight – it’s the perfect way to get off-track from shoveling and having fun instead! – Amy R.
  • Walking the dog in the woods– Tracy B.
  • Snowmobiling with my dad (and now my boyfriend Greg comes too) and going ice skating in my backyard. – Jenna S.
  • Braving the elements and feeling tough running through the snow – Michelle B.
  • Snowmen! – Brenda M.
  • Ice skating & hockey – Maddy M.
  • Snowball fights with my kids – Tim M.
  • Snowboarding – Mark M.
  • Doing donuts and climbing snow plowed mounds in parking lots in my Jeep Wrangler – Amber L.

What kind of snow-fun are you looking forward to this winter?

  1. Shannon D ( the AP Shannon) says:

    I am looking forward to playing in the snow with my son for the first time!!!! Snow angels, snowmen, snowballs…. all of it!!!!

  2. I’m hoping to get some time to go sledding this year, its always so much fun! Makes me feel like I’m a kid again

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