Carrie S., of Plainsfield, Wis., was devastated when her son was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. In time, her son recovered, but due to the nature of his injuries, it had been very tricky trying to find the right underwear for him.

Personal shopper, Tara Dawley, was able to help Carrie by recommending some Jockey® underwear options for her son. Remembering the sensitivity of the purchase, Tara made a post-purchase call-back to Carrie, just to see if her purchases worked out. Tara found out that one style wasn’t quite what Carrie’s son needed. Tara helped Carrie and her son, by suggesting another style that she knew would work better.

Carrie just couldn’t believe that Jockey® would offer such thoughtful, personalized service. She says that Jockey® can count on her telling her friends and loved ones about the product and the service.

Thanks, Carrie for your support!


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